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  2. As much as I love the Albert brothers(and I do-and I miss those guys because neither of them live in Texas anymore...) but calling this the best C3 board on the net when my post trying to help someone find an integral can for his Swedish K was the most recent post-and it was from Wednesday, leads me to believe that the traffic here is even less than the traffic at the new Subguns with the sign-in/log-in requirement, so, I don't know who R.L. is but I imagine he was banned from Subguns at some point or is otherwise butthurt and that is where he is coming from. I would love to come back to where it was 10 years ago from the discussion board standpoint, but I don't see it happening. I hope the sales boards are awesomely successful and Andy and Dave and Buddy actually make some money from what is really a labor of love and was never supposed to be a commercial endeavor...
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  4. Looking to buy a first generation serial numbered Colt Thompson 50 round L drum. Email: Thank you
  5. It is not. Folding grip on pistol generate NFA item (AOW)
  6. Is that a front folding grip on it?
  7. WTS: NIB black CAA Roni Convertion Kit for Glock . Never used. $175 shipped This is not NFA item . So it’s legal to put on any Glock pistol. Thanks
  8. Interested again about buying. Email at Michael
  9. cash in hand 5th place?
  10. This is a German MP 38/40 mag loader. Dont know anything about it may be a collector.Mag holder built in. My price may be off also. Please let me know if it is. Thanks for looking Done some checking on this and this is a rare original that is highly collectible.Was issued with the MP38/40 in the mag pouch.
  11. Krieghoff K-80 Super Scroll Gold with Blued receiver and Gold inlay. This gun comes with Two 30" barrels - One is a dedicated 12 ga. Barrel with 7 extended screw in choke tubes. These are Krieghoff factory original. The other Barrel is a Light weight Carrier Barrel and a Complete set of Ultra Light weight Sub-Gauge Tubes made by Briley. Gun will be shipped in a fitted Aluminum Americase. I don't think you'd be disappointed in this one.. This Gun is Beautiful.. It has gorgeous wood with upgraded checkering, Adjustable Comb and an adjustable Kick-ez butt plate. In the photos you will notice the broken target latch has already been added as well. I cant think of anything else you could want or need to Break Targets. Like I said, This gun is Gorgeous!
  12. Have a new handguard for a FAL for sale. Cost well over $125.00 but will sale for $75.00. DOES NOT FIT Belgium style rifle, thats what I got and it would not fit.
  13. The last photo ..... both mags with cutout to see Spring ...... are Makarov 9x18 ..... 8 shot
  14. Cleaning out various mags I dont need anymore. See pics and price. >45 mags - 12 of them some marked Colt and others---$100.00 M14 Mag Military issue --$20.00 MP 5 Mag Good cond. 32 rd. I thinl $25.00 Short >45 Mags unknown Pistol ?? $40.00 Unknown mags 3 of them 2 different kinds---$15.00 If I am weigh off on my price then let me know. Thanks for looking.
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  16. I’ll step up to be next in line. Cash in hand
  17. WTB: ShKAS parts, especially demilled receiver. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  18. WTB: SIG PE57 Styrofoam Box

    Still searching!!! Tony
  19. WTS: AK47 Machine Gun (Fleming)

    Why has the receiver been remarked "308"??? Tony
  20. Sterling MK4 built on Sterling DLO tube by Andrewski in excellent condition. Runs flawlessly. On Form 4 in Texas. Form 4 lists Douglas L. Oefinger, Stamford, CT as manufacturer and Sterling MK4 as the model. I don't have any documentation from Andrewski but I called him on 11 November 2010. He looked in his book and confirmed he made this DLO Sterling for a Class III dealer in Texas in 2003. Will include 3 as new mags and an Australian style canvas mag pouch with the sale. Price $17,500. 100% funds starts transfer paperwork. Buyer to pay NFA stamps, shipping & insurance.
  21. L39 manuals available!!!

    to all you that asked me to call, my surgery has still not improved enough to allow me to be understood when I speak. YES I still want/ need parts for the M-3 and at least one A1 bolt. that includes magazines . please direct e-mail count/ condition and asking price for now. cheers mike
  23. I'm thinking I have only .40 and 10mm currently.
  24. I'd have to see if I have a 9mm barrel and barrel pin.
  25. Interested in building an MP5S 9mm. Do you have all parts including the receiver? I am an FFL/SOT.
  26. I purchased a DIAS on this site, but not sure which one to get. I'm thinking the type 1, but how do I know for sure?
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