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  3. Per my email, I will take the STERLING SMG MK4 Pre-Sample
  4. Price lowered
  5. Use an EMPTY mag to keep the slide locked back during handling. EMPTY MAG !!!!
  6. WTB: Transferable Belt Fed

    I've got an itch to add another belt fed and there are 3 items that have my interest at the moment: * SG-43 * M60 * HK21 or 23 (sear/pack registered) I might be interested in a DShK or an RPK but the list above is what I'm most interested in.
  7. *****UPDATE**** Happy to report Burris service and warranty lived up to their lifetime , no b.s. warranty for me. They sent me a NEW 5x25x50 XTR 2 at no charge, since the original scope could not be repaired. One of the reasons I really like Burris products. Good glass, reasonable prices, and a warranty second to none. They stand behind their products. R.L.
  8. Former aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk headed to the scrapyard today [OC] - Album on Imgur
  9. A true piece of history! TASK slow fire Mac 11 upper built by the man himself who invented them, well before LAGE came up with their design, takes suomi drums, ROF variable with different buffers. Includes upper, drum, bolt, foregrip and buffers. $1,200 shipped. we.pow(NOSPAM)
  10. Sten MK3

    LOL he can't delete the post because you quoted him. I think he's not in any legal jeopardy if he doesn't actually possess the MG. Agree that OP should contact the ATF and verify it is on the registry. Value of C&R Sten is maybe $11-$12K depending on condition
  11. Very nice Semi Bren MK II by Stan at Project Guns in .303 and 7.62X54R, Nice wood, barrels for both calibers, case of Mags. Ammo available at additional cost. Email for pics. we.pow1919(NOSPAM)
  12. WTS MP-44. 35K

    Pm sent I’ll take it
  13. WTS MP-44. 35K

    Pm sent
  14. Thank you very much!
  15. Be sure to look at this mod when you get your Reising.
  16. I did, I reached out to him this afternoon . However was waiting to get some photos back and was told those were still incoming on a form 4. I ended up picking one up from Russ at NFASales after some people attested to his character. So bought pending transfer, but on the off chance something goes wrong I’ll keep them in mind as a backup. For now I’ll close this thread. Thank you kindly everyone.
  17. Sten MK3

    Your about a hour drive from me, I’ll PM you your options. I’d also delete this post in the meanwhile while you try to figure the situation out.
  18. WTB: MP7A1 and/or MP7A2

  19. Sten MK3

    You can't buy it if it is not a registered. If they don't have paperwork, they can ask the ATF to look for it but back then, the ATF was screwy on the stuff they logged the MG as. Ie manufacture is Germany or they used the wrong# for the serial#..
  20. May 18th 1986

    I remember people were freaking out about M16. Too young and naive back then
  21. WTS MP-44. 35K

    Decided to sell my WWII collection. First on the list is my all matching MP-44. One of the most iconic and sought after weapons on the planet. All matching, vet bring back with true combat wear. Never re blued. It missed the amnesty but was carefully reactivated a long time ago. Fully transferable. All NAF rules apply. 35K on form 4
  22. May 18th 1986

    That was the week after my 16th birthday and I was pouring over a shotgun news and thinking the NRA just sold out the NFA guys.
  23. WTB 4 Pos MP5/MP5K pack

    Looking for 4 position trigger pack for MP5 and MP5K, pack only or pack and housing. Thanks
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