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  2. Pics to follow. Full size RPB overstamp MAC 10 in 9mm. $6800 plus tax stamp. I'll cover insured shipping to your FFL SOT. One mag included. On a Form 4 in Mass. No trades at this time. All laws will be followed.
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  4. Stemple 76 45

    Also notice there is no City located by the IP address in the lower right corner of the original post. Usually the Sturm site detects the poster's IP location address and displays the city and state there as a double check against what the poster types in as his location. Interesting that his just says "United States". An IP address blocker was probably utilized.....yet another questionable sign.
  5. WTS: Hotchkiss 1922 parts kit w/receiver pieces

    Price reduced to $1400 per kit
  6. WTS: VZ58 kits w/receiver stub

    Price reduced to $245 shipped
  7. black saturday time
  8. 2-3 pouched sets left to ship, $ 450,- delivered for 4 excellent mags and a loader in a leather pouch. The pouches have seen better days but still holding up. Heavy leather!
  9. Hi all, I shipped out all the pre-ordered barrels on Thursday and still have a few left. Let me know if you need any. I also found a 14-fin barrels without threads at the muzzle, ready to go in a M/55.
  10. ITHACA DS "POLICE SPECIAL" 12ga. 7 Shot Police Shotgun. Beautiful 98%+ Condition.-$700/Delivered Contact JON@PVPS(775)475-0186 or Email
  11. WTB: USGI M1 Garand Stripped Receiver

    Hi Arnie, I've watched GB periodically, the last ones I seen were priced pretty high so I figured I'd look elseplaces. If you have one you want to sell please feel free to PM me with the details, thanks.
  12. Older Saw Cut Demilled Swedish K SMG Parts Kit.Exellent Condition With Exellent Bore.(3) Mags and Mag Pouch.Original Sling.-$875/Delivered Contact JON@PVPS(775)475-0186 or Email
  13. WTS: Kriss 45 SBR

    Hi Tom at toms class 3" in hobart Indiana what's your bottom dollar on the criss thanks. Tom 219 405-2478 thanks
  14. WTB c96 broomhandle carbine stock

    Available for sale a complete M96 10/20 round M96 in Italian leather French fitted carrying case, all German with semi auto lower. Price is $3495.00 prepaid CONUS
  15. WTB SIG 55x SN 8226 bolt head

    Bump to top
  16. wtb early thread in russian ak-47 barrel

    replied thank you
  17. Ok, I am selling my knife collection. All prices are Priority Mail Shipping included in the prices listed. PayPal Payment will work best. I can send more detailed pictures if requested. Contact me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. Darek 1) - US Utica Cut Co - 7" Blade 12" Overall Length has chip on top front. Comes with Dog Tag from around very early Viet Nam War ? Comes with sheath, not original. - $50 2) - Camillus -NY U.S.M.C. - 7" Blade 12" Overall Length. Blade is stained but no real damage, should clean up nice. Sheath pictured below next knife - $50 3) - Cattaraugus 225Q - 6" Blade 10.5" OAL . Blade is stained and chipped this knife was really used, ( Came with the early Viet Nam Era Knife), & will come w/ one Dog Tag. - $45 4) - PAL RH 36 - 6.25" Blade 11" OAL. The Name is not stamped but looks etched on the blade. May be a copy, but looks and feels great! Comes with sheath below - $65 ( The same exact copy is selling on Fleabay for over $100) 5) - Camillus N.Y. 5 - 1973 - 5" Blade 9.5" OAL Finish is worn as pictured and the very tip has minor damage. No sheath included. - $40 6) - Kabar USA 1205 - 5.25" Blade 10" OAL This knife is in great condition. Has minor scuffs in the mirror finish that should buff out easy. Comes with sheath below. - $60 7) - Bear Brand 440 Stainless Steel - 5.75" Blade 11.5" OAL I am guessing that it is made in Japan. Feels Great in your hand. Comes with Black sheath pictured. - $40 8) - Camillus - N.Y. 8-1979. - 5" Blade 9.5" OAL Finish worn as pictured, otherwise great condition. Comes With Sheath and Sharpening stone. - $50 9) - Rosco Made Italy - 3 1/4" Blade 7" OAL Auto Knife Looks Great! Collectors item from the 60s or 70s. - $45 10) - Hubertus Solingen 3 1/8" Blade 7 3/4" OAL Auto Hunting Knife with manual Saw Blade from 60s or 70s - $160 ( I Paid $200 for this one and price will only go up if it does not sell this weekend.) Call or text anytime, if interested in any of the knives because I will be running around all weekend and won't have much time to check messages or email but I will be up working late. I may consider offers on all but the last two Autos.
  18. WTB: WWI M1918 BAR Barrel

    Just listed one in the last couple days...its mint though so im sure its not what your looking for...
  19. WTB: USGI M1 Garand Stripped Receiver

    Have you checked Gun Broker, they usually have a few, I have a couple, will look and see if any I want to get rid of...
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  21. Have approximately 1200 recovered 40mm grenade projectiles. These are the training rounds with the blue nose cap. Various conditions, all can be used for a 40mm bofors, or something else as a projectile. 1.00 each or buy them all for 800.00 Thanks Jason
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