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  2. H&K G3 wood stock set with butt plate and pistol grip. $125 shipped. E-mail only
  3. I'm looking for a new or like new Victorinox Sig 550/STGW 90 bayonet. Please send pics and price. Thanks

    Thompson Savage Commercial SOLD

    Beretta AR70 SOLD S&W 76 Attica SOLD
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  7. Pre-may Guide Lamp M3A1 with integral - $10.5k

    Drop to $10,500 for the package.
  8. Dealers welcome for bulk offers. Older back stock, some of the packaging is worn due to traveling from in gun show totes, all new 1. Sig factory threaded barrels 100/piece shipped : (4) 320 compact 9mm, (5) 220 45, (5) 1911 tacops, (2) 1911 carry, 2022 9mm 2. Zev Glock threaded barrels 125/piece shipped : (3) Glock 17 gold dimpled, (2) gold dimpled 3. Surefire “zev” threaded barrels 125/piece : (5) Glock 17 bronze 4. Hk factory threaded barrels 100/piece shipped : (2) vp9, (4) vp40 5. Glock FACTORY threaded barrels 100/piece shipped : (1) Glock 17, (4) Glock 26, (2) Glock 21 6. Glock gemtech threaded barrels 100/piece shipped : (1) Glock 17, (1) Glock 23, (3) Glock 21 Agency Glock 17 threaded 100$ shipped
  9. WTS: Micro Uzi with Trident 9 Suppressor

    Note: This is a Registered Receiver machine gun, NOT a registered bolt! Questions? PM me at: Thanks for looking!

    Have a FN FNC select fire rifle in 5.56 NATO for sale. Three shot burst and full auto. Side folding stock. Comes with six USGI Colt 30 round mags. Excellent condition. Runs perfectly. Curtis Higgins conversion at S&H arms. Really nice rifle. On a form 4 in KY $16,900.00 Smith and Wesson Model 76 9mm sub machinegun. Early T prefix "tool room" gun. Excellent condition. Runs perfectly. Comes with one 30 round mag. On a Form 4 in KY. $11,900.00. Pics coming soon.
  11. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    Thanks Mike. You are correct. This is one of the best suppressed 9mm combinations available. Extremely quiet. Hopefully someone will see the value in this and purchase. Thanks, Steve @ J and J Firearms LLC.
  12. TTT I'm out of Type 1's made from 4140. I have 5 more Type 2's made from 4140, and a few Type 1's made from O1 left.
  13. WTS: Micro Uzi in 9mm with SWR Trident 9 suppressor. This is an Action Arms imported I.M.I. Micro Uzi pistol that was converted to a machine gun by Weapons Specialties, Phoenix, AZ. An after market side folding stock has been welded to the rear of the pistol receiver making for a very compact package. The barrel is threaded for the suppressor and comes with a matching thread protector. Overall condition is very good, unknown round count. Package comes with 10 32 round Uzi magazines and a de-milled Israeli Micro Uzi side folding stock. The Uzi and suppressor are currently on my books and will transfer to your Dealer on a eForms-filed Form 3. PA residents can purchase these items directly on 2 Form 4 transfers (2 NFA Tax stamps). Seller reserves the right to pull this ad if these items sell locally. Price is $19,750.00 + S/I
  14. Uzi w/ B&G registered bolt

    Bump for price change. $11,500
  15. WTB: M60 Bipod

    Yeah fair enough pal ATM I'm in Spain for a few months on "holidays" (work), but usually I reside in the UK. That's a pretty fair point, I reckon I could get one of my buddies in MN to pick some stuff up for me, would obviously prefer direct shipping, but if there's no other option I can make do with other means. Cheers for the heads up tho!
  16. WTB: M60 Bipod

    Where are you located ??? Your member info states ..... Coventry, Warwickshire .... in the U.K. ...... YES ? then used an ISP from Spain ...... soooooooo ..... you might want to state where you are located ...... as most US sellers will not ship outside the USA . Or state if you have. US contact that your WTB Items will ship to .... just sayin'
  17. WTB: M60 Bipod

    Hey fellas I've been looking for a proper M60 bipod for quite a while now with little success, I'm not looking for anything fancy, what's there to an m60 bipod? Just looking for a proper bipod that does it's job. Thanks for reading!
  19. M16A1 CAR one owner gun

    This transferable Colt M16A1 is in immaculate condition. It is inbound our ship on a form 4. The owner is asking $29,000. This rifle comes with 3 Colt mags, original sling, original booklet, Prevenative Maintenance Army Publication, Army TM, Colt bayonet and a clamp style bipod. The upper has a very small scratch from the selling FFL cutting the box open. This has been stored for many years and was fired very little. It can be seen at C&S Gun Parlor in Covington, LA just north of New Orleans. If you have any questions or offers please do not hesitate to call the shop and ask for Joseph at 9858886866. Thanks for looking.

    PM Sent for MP40 as well, If 1st responder passes, please LMK....
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