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  2. What are these front sights for?

    I've got NM M-14 and garand sights on hand. These are a full 1/4" taller. NM sights are the same height, but have a narrower blade than service sights. No markings are present, but they are wrapped in VPI wrap in the GI style.
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  4. Looking for the rear section of the barrel sleeve (the section the barrel screws into) as well as any other parts/ accessories
  5. Fathers Day Sale Only $850 shipped
  6. SIG P220 in 38 Super is in a VERY Rare caliber with box and paperwork as well as test target and extra SIG mag. Must ship to FFL dealer. $1395 Plus shipping
  7. WTB Ohio ordnance semi auto 1918 A3 Bar.New or used is fine.E mail me your pics and price.
  8. GADS, THATS WHAT I SAID AT THE GET GO! IF TAXABLE, any tax is due when the gun is MOVED and sorry to disagree but all my guns were recorded ON A FORM -4 when I bought them SO, "THE TRANSFER WAS RECORDED ON A FORM 4 AND THATS WHERE THEY SIT. and just to keep the record straight , I said "it might be possible a new licensee" not that it was fact! this thread started because the DAMNED QUESTION WAS ASKED ABOUT A GUN STATED TO BE REGISTERED ON A FORM 4 at a SOT out of state and what was the best way to handle it? if NOT A C+R , IT MUST GO TO A FFL/SOT IN THE SAME STATE AS THE "TRANFERER" ON A TAX PAID FORM 4. IF EXISTING ON A FORM 4, IT CANT BE TRANSFERED USING A FORM-3. THEN ANOTHER TAX MUST BE PAID TO PUT IT ON ANOTHER FORM-4 TO THE FINAL RESTING PLACE. ! IN MY STUPIDITY, I TRIED TO EXPLAIN THE WAIT INVOLVED IN EITHER CASE, HOPING HE WOULD SEE IT BEST TO GET A C+R LIC FIRST, IF THE WEAPON WAS ELIGABLE. ALL THE MUMBO JUMBO GOBBEL DE GOOK THAT FOLLOWED WAS COMPLETLY OUT OF TEXT AND CONTINUES TO FOLLOW THAT COURSE AND IT CHANGES NOTHING! YOU CANT CHANGE ANY PART OF AN EQUATION AND GET THE SAME RESULTS YOU WERE SEARCHING FOR! at no point was a complete explanation of the national firearms act requested or needed and form 5's form 9's were never brought up now we are forced to ingest those possibilities . I THOUGHT it was only a bureaucrats duty to complicate things! and it certainly makes it easier for me to understand why we are in the position we are in now. I ALSO STATED I WAS THROUGH BUT ITS STARTING TO BE FUN SO LETS DO IT! WHO'S NEXT!
  9. What do I need to know about mk760

    DONT ! when you asked it told the story. they do make great "toys" and are enjoyable to use, BUT they will require a solid "FIDDLE KNOWLEDGE" to keep one going and the tools to do it. at the bare minimum you will need a close friend with the tools and knowledge. parts are soft / many examples out of spec/ others "BUBBA 'D UP and getting a good one is very rare. a very good friend of mine made one perfect and it ran like a champ 3 yrs ago he sold it the owner has had it maybe 10 months and he has driven my friend insane with issue's get a POWDER SPRINGS or RPB- INGRAM M-10 or a REISING . same money no issue's .the REISING has been a part of my collection more than 50 yrs and I have NEVER broken a part. I have bulged a bunch of barrels using cast reloads and just kept on using them as is . you cant go wrong! hell i'm going to go shoot one of mine RIGHT NOW!
  10. MG's as an investment

    THUMPY! SHAME ON YOU ! HOW RE THEY POSED TO FEED ALL DIM HALL MAGOTS AND INDIGENT SPERM RECEPTACLES IFN YOU AND ME DON PAY TAXES? THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY THEY NEED TO FUEL THE BUSES TO SHUTTLE ALL THE VOTERS AROUND THE GHETTO? just between you and I what you declare has little to do with what they can hit you with. all they need do is watch and it WILL KETCH UP! THE YEAR AFTER I LIQUIDATED MY BUSINESS , I BECAME COMPLETLY AND OFFICALY DISABLED and am not required to file ANY income tax statements for 22 years, because there isn't ANYTHING! 6 years after my last divorce I was "AUDITED" they needed to know how I could pay a $5700. per month mortgage with ZERO INCOME or cash assets ! one of the main reasons I left her is after I cut off access to the funds , she just got a credit line on our paid for home all without ANY SIGNATURE OR NOTICE TO ME! I "gave" her the house in the settlement and she never took it out of my name so for almost 13 yrs IRS POUNDED MY BUTT and made it impossible to have a bank account longer than 90 days no matter how many times it was explained or what papers I sent, they still pulled the plug and I had to answer. when they quit making tin coffee cans, I went to 20 mm ammo cans, no long teller lines or monthly fees , but it is impossible to cash a check. I gave ALL my guns and ammo to a friend ,have a free hand buying or selling what "HE" needs live on the ranch and do what I WANT EVERYDAY! THE ONLY WORRY IS THOSE DAMNED YANKEE'S AND HOW YOU GUY'S ARE GOING TO HANDLE THEM when this thing "IMPLODES ON ITSELF"
  11. What are these front sights for?

  12. New in Box, and on a Form 3. Direct thread model, which I like over Compact Brake just for appearance sake when the suppressor is not on the rifle...? 9.7 ounces which is a great weight for hunters..... Also a favorite of precision shooters. for all the specs. This one is .30 cal, direct thread, 5/8-24, black. $995 and ready for Form 3 efile to your FFL SOT. Email PM, or call my cell 303-918-6890

    "The purpose of a free press is to hold the powerful to account. A press that exposes private citizens to protect the powerful is not a free press by any stretch of the imagination."
  14. "A negative mine will never give you a positive life."
  15. NIB COLT AR 15 M4 HBPW 6920

    " Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want."
  16. "Change nothing and nothing changes."
  17. Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.
  18. H&R Reising M50 .45APC C&R

    When you live in the basement and mom cleans your clothing and makes your dinner technically you are retired.
  19. WTS; HK USP 45 FDE

    WTS: hk usp 45 in great shape less than 200 rounds come with all you see box papers 2ea 12 round mags asking $650 plus $50 if shipped must accept from individual CONTACT, RHYNOVIP@AOL.COM FOR PICS, HAVING TROUBLE POSTING THANK YOU
  20. MG's as an investment

    As far as I’m concerned that 200 doller tax stamp I paid for is all the money the tax man should see from me for buying a firearm that should be protected by the constitution and I should not even have to ask permission or pay a tax to own in the first place.... that’s how I feel about it..
  21. Hey fellas Monday I might be making a trip to look at one want to know if there’s anything I should look for to determine if it’s a good gun or not my experience w tube guns and sub guns is very limited so have no idea what I’m looking at and how to judge value of it.... also what’s the going rate for mk760 I’m not saying asking price but the avg actual sell price? Have you owned one? What was your experience with it like? I’ve read great things about the gun and then I’d herd horrible things about the guns. Thanks fellas in advanced for your time and wisdom.
  22. I have a bakers dozen of these, but I'm not sure what gun they fit. They look like a "tall" M-14 sight.
  23. Looking for a complete Daewoo dr200 bolt carrier and charging handle. thanks
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  25. Beautiful 1934 Hotchkiss, always indoors, a killer piece with nice original paint. The original white camouflage can be seen under the green paint, nice patina , excellent tires. Came through Oho Ordnance at one time. C&R. 19k cash form 3. Email me at
  26. As pictured. Looks like I put it on something at some point but super clean, maybe just a couple rounds to test...? As can be seen, there appears to be a little chunk of the retainer broken off, don’t know how that happened. Latch still closes and stays in place. $50 shipped Priority, no sales where prohibited. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
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