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  2. WTS: Sig Sauer 556 10" SBR

    I’ll take one..... email or pm to follow. Thanks Ben
  3. WTS: Sig Sauer 556 10" SBR

    I'll take 3
  4. WTS: Sig Sauer 556 10" SBR

    I have a few Sig Sauer 556 short barrel rifles with 10" barrels that came in from a LE agency. They are all in good condition. They have the railed forearm, front and rear sights, extended selector switchs, and Swiss type folding stocks. Price is $750 each, including shipping to your FFL/SOT.
  5. New in box Energetic Armament VOX S for $650 shipped. CC and PP G&S add 3%. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. EFiled.
  6. Need a pair of handguards for my Talon 9mm suppressed AR15 upper. Regular handguards don’t fit. I took them off for some reason now can’t find them. See pix below. Thanks for info, guidance, etc. Jim Eley, FFL/SOT EleyArms
  7. M60 Handguards NEW IN THE WRAP - Pics

    6 month BTT .... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  8. Yesterday
  9. WTS: Gorgeous HK-21 Semi Auto, Heavy Duty Belt Fed 308 The real deal in belt fed guns Built by Ralph Smith at RDTS, top quality in every way Excellent condition, unfired since conversion 1200 meter sights, Picatinny rail, forward assist, quick detach barrel Barrel in excellent, gleaming condition Bolt and Bolt carrier marked HK in unused condition Includes five German 50-round non-disintegrating belts Or can also use M60 links Does not include trigger pack, but does include HK21 308 ejector Just put in your trigger pack and start blasting Price: $ 11,200 delivered
  10. Parting out my second kit. Your chance to get individual spare parts. (Trying to get a ribbed dust cover housing). All parts are from a PB 95 date coded Beretta AR70/90. Except for the hammer its PB 94 and bolt is PB 86. Prices are OBO. shipped tracked and insured. PayP@l FF or you cover fees. Complete lower receiver w/ front pin. $250 Handguard $50 Bipod $150 Carrying handle $50 Trunnion w/ barrel nut (missing barrel index pin) $100 Piston, spring and gas tube $75 Dust cover assy $25 Ejector $20 Rear sight assy, bent $15 Gas block $75 Complete new BCG w/ charging handle $250 Flash hider/ grenade launcher $25
  11. AM180 help

    I would send it back to val. He usually has a quick turnaround time. I had similar problems with new barrels from val which I ported and suppressed. They needed to be retapped to fit the lower and needed a new feed ramp with a different angle. If they are too tight you might use a chamber iron to open them up a bit. Mine would gum up afer a few thousand rounds. The new barrels did not properly align like the old barrels. You might try a different barrel feed ramp and bolt. See if you can borrow these from someone local. Also check the bolt which changes the sear from semi to auto. These bend and break and will cause firing problems.
  12. I have a excellent condition Barrett model M82A1 in stock. Gun comes in original hard case with one 10 rd mag. Features a 20 inch barrel. This gun was fired 5rds as a demo . price is $6900.00 plus shipping. might trade toward class three pre sample or transferable.
  13. M10, PS, .45 ACP, Like New in Box

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  14. Thompson M1, Excellent

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  15. M2 Carbine, Inland, Excellent

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  16. M1 Inland with Registered Trigger Pack, Excellent

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  17. M2 Kit Installed in Inland M1 Carbine

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  18. M10, PS, .45 ACP, Like New in Box

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  19. RIA Auction today

    Sales were brisk and prices were high. Really surprised me.
  20. MAC-10 Powder Springs Parts Set

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  21. PGT, You Win the gun !!! DING DING DING--Please send 625.00 for postage and handling to ....... LOL
  22. You are correct- Thats what it gets you for posting half asleep. !!! Thanks
  23. WTS Pre-May M78 VALMET SMG - price reduced

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  24. WTS: Springfield Factory M14E2/M1A LMG - price reduced

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  25. WTS: Springfield SAR-48 FALO LMG - price reduced

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  26. excellent condition with Rem. choke 21" fiber optic rifle sights red front/green rear $210 shipped
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