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  2. WTS: Colt a1 9mm DOE parts

    E-mail sent inquiring about the above. Very interested. Thanks W.C
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  4. WTB Colt M16A2 Carbine Post-86

    I have an auto-marked transferable M16A2 for sale
  5. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    If interested I have a transferable Colt M16A2 auto-marked and a destructive device USAS-12.
  6. Heavy Metal... WWII Twin 50's

    Wow.. That is beautiful setup. Thank for sharing.
  7. nice was just looking for this on that site
  8. HK MP5 or HK94 mags origin/vintage query

    Contact Tony HK expert.
  9. Taylorwso, do you - or anyone on here - know approximately what year date range that H&K made MP5 magazines without date codes?
  10. To add to JNI's explanation of fitment...RDIAS' will fit any AR15 receiver where the interior rear "pocket" of the receiver is milled to the original SP1 spec. My guess is the majority of the new AR15 receivers currently produced are milled to the SP1 spec. Those receivers are commonly referred to as "low shelf" receivers. As a multiple RDIAS owner, I have used Bushmaster, DPMS, SpikesTactical, plus a couple other "specialty" lowers as RDIAS hosts. HTH
  11. WTB: Transferable PS MAC

    Looking for a transferable Powder Springs MAC. Please PM me.
  12. Machine Guns for Sale

    Please send list of Pre-86 Dealer Samples and pics to Thx!
  13. WTS SWD M11/nine

    For sale SWD M11/nine $8600 on a form 4 in Missouri.
  14. Have 800,000rds of prvi M855 62gr ammo that hasn’t been spoken for. I have new production 9mm and 556 that is coming in at 3~mil rounds a month so can supply your needs. I have other cals that are incoming, please feel free to ask about those but the main two are 9mm and 556. If you feel my prices are out of line please check gun broker, both rounds are going for .80 to over $1 a round. Still a good bit of money to be made here. Also have 1.4mil rounds of linked 556 for the right offer. Currently getting .65 a round for the loose and .85 for the linked. We have been selling it drop shipped by the container load, but seeing as I have some that isn’t spoken for, why not offer it for trade? If cash is your only option feel free to email or message, but cash isn’t what I’m after. open to transferable, pre may, and post May MG’s. I have signed letters for a wide range of different weapons, and can get others if needed. Also open to parts kits, MG parts, beltfeds and such. Need a semi 50 for a host. Might take a look at other things, just let me know what you are thinking. thanks for the board space, Donald sales@

    I have a Yugo M69A 82mm inert mortar for sale. Good condition with tube, bipod, base plate and sight. Price is $3000 OBO. Shipping extra. Call if interested. P. Ziros 702-883-6340
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  17. WTS H&K MP5'S

    Is the HK MP5A3 Fleming reg. rec. still available? Pictures?
  18. WTS: M249 Rear Sights - NIW 1984 Surplus

    Two month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  19. WTS: M240 / M249 Armored Vehicle Cradle Mounts

    Two months BTT .... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  20. have all parts for reproduction DOE submachine gun except for barrel. i can help with source for barrel. has original and correct colt a1 9mm upper. $800 plus $30 shipping. photos by
  21. Smith 76 Magazines

    Jon, do you have any left? If so, how many? Thanks
  22. Heavy Metal... WWII Twin 50's

    Finally done with these ......I named this rig “Deuces Wild” .. To keep with this set ups WWII heritage, I had an artist who paints WWII art on bombers out west paint this for me....I came up with the painting idea from scratch .... it also acts as a case and link deflector since links and casings come out the bottom...... but also personalizes this gun rig ....
  23. As pictured, very nice loader. This machine is the best way to load live rounds and unload spent rounds in the feed strips. Very early version of a “smart” loader, does not advance the feed strip unless a live round properly presents from the hopper. A work of art in my opinion. Very scarce item, $2750. Direct email only, please: Remove SPAMFILTER from email.
  24. WTB: Transferable Steel RDIAS

    Transferable or Post Sample?
  25. Hello, Looking to buy a Transferable Steel RDIAS. Please let me know what you have. PM's preferred. Best, Clark
  26. Well, I tried to attach a picture, didn't work.
  27. Here's one for the H&K Experts..... I just discovered a few MP5 30 rd 9mm mags in a box that had been stashed away for probably 20+ years, and I am curious about their origin and vintage. Some of them look brand new and are marked MKE. My understanding is that these are Turkish mfg. But I also thought that Turkish MKE MP5 mags had plastic followers; the ones I just found stashed away have steel followers. Did earlier vintage MKE MP5 mags have steel followers, but at some point they switched to making the mags with plastic followers? When? Or...??? I'm also wondering if these (presumably "early") MKE MP5 mags - with the steel followers - are just as reliable as the German HK mags? Anyone have experience shooting these in an MP5 (full auto) or HK94 and can comment on their reliability? I also found a few MP5 mags simply marked "9mm x 19", with no date codes, no other markings; and they also have steel followers. All of the German HK MP5 mags I have seen in the past had date codes. Did H&K in Germany ever make MP5 mags without date codes on the mag body? Any ideas from the Experts as to origin and vintage on this one? See pic.
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