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  2. Anybody reloading .55 Boys?

    I really dont think the 50 conversion hurts value, i actually think it raises the value.. Ammo is easily and cheaply available, and if you need to sell quickly no waiting for paperwork. That being said, if there was plenty of cheap 55 boys ammo around, then yes original is better. There is a very super small market for guns where ammo is extremely hard or exspensive to get. I will tell you this, i have shot alot of 50s, and the boys kicks the worse.
  3. Anybody reloading .55 Boys?

    Yeah I'm eyeballing another one that's been converted to .50BMG right now but I feel owning one in the original .55 caliber is more correct and collectible. I don't mind jumping through the NFA hoops or investing in reloading equipment but if I'm not going to be able to easily source projectiles it might not be worth the effort. From what I've read there isn't a very big difference between shooting the two calibers.
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  5. Must sell giving up SOT

    Prices changed in original post.

  7. SPF Russian Milled 1960 AK47 Type 3

    I’ll take it. PM incoming.
  8. Anybody reloading .55 Boys?

    Why dont you get it converted to 50bmg? Friend of mine wanted a boys, but like you ammo was prohibitive. He found one converted, and best of all, no special paperwork. There was 2 of the converted guns that just sold on gunbroker. I think the went for about 4 grand.
  9. AK 47 Underfolder Conversion

    Well, that depends if its a bring back original or a conversion gun. Original, yes quite a bit. Conversion not much. You have to cut the back off for the wood stock. Not a big deal. I have done this a few times on the norincos to get rid of the thumbhole stocks. I have also opened up the wasr 10s to take 30rd mags. With the right equipment not a difficult job. However, when you take the folder off your going to have 2 big holes. You can either weld over them and smooth them out or plug them for use later. If you plan on keeping it for a long time no big deal. If you plan on selling it in a few yrs leave it alone. A good metal welder can easily do the conversion and bring it back, but it wont be cheap as the gun will have to be refinished everytime you change it.
  10. FN PS90 SBR

    Armament services...
  11. WTT: Mac M11a1 for sten

    Looking to trade a M11a1 for a Sten.
  12. FN PS90 SBR

    Who SBR'd it?
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  14. WTS: IMI Model A Uzi 9mm $1075

    Seconds if this falls through
  15. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    I checked for availability of parts, and parts for the mini Uzi are difficult to find. I think I should go with the H&K MP5A2 #!. Let me know if you still have that one. Charles Tatum, Alamo Professional Arms, Helotes, TX 78023 (210) 844-6075
  16. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Pm sent
  17. Transferable UZI B&G Bolt gun

    Up for sale is a beautiful Uzi that has been a safe queen since 1991. Its here and incoming on a form 4 to my SOT. Gun, soft bag , 5 mags, 2 barrels, original case and manual , mag pouch and hard case. Price is $11,000.00 OBO More pics available upon request

    Would really like to find an xmg upper. Thanks, John Text 770-655-1790 or email
  19. Zenith Z5RS Mp5 Clone NIB $1715

    Do you still have this? Thanks. Can transfer funds ASAP.
  20. WTS: PMC 9mm Bronze 115gr FMJ

    PMC Bronze Premium 115gr 9mm Brass Case Full Metal Jacket. 1,00rd/cs. $309.00 Plus $20 Shipping - NO CREDIT CARD FEES or 954-960-2596 Check us out at:
  21. AK 47 Underfolder Conversion

    I am interested in a transferable ak 47. I would prefer a fixed stock variant but if the price is right, i'd consider an underfolder. Is an underfolder to fixed stock conversion ill-advisable ? Would it hurt the value of my gun? I know i can buy an adapter to turn the underfolder to an AR style buffer tube but prefer the AK wood stock look.
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