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  2. Looking for a lanchester smg trigger group and end cap. Purchased kit and was missing these items. Might also entertain a dummy gun so long as these parts are present. Thanks!
  3. The Truth has been racist since Obama, He over played the race card till it was nothing.
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  5. I have had my JCB RDIAS since June of 1995 and replaced the spring several times with a ball point clicker spring cut to length. Works great! Basically free for the taking!
  6. And claims it's in Syria, with Turkish troops attacking the Kurds. You just can't make this shit up! R.L.
  7. Wow I got approved fast

    Never been a can kinda guy. I like the obnoxious sound of un-muffled full auto fire. I do like the look of the Bower's Bitty, though. I'd put that on my .22 Hornet.
  8. Wow I got approved fast

    MontanaRenegade86, you do have cans for everything, right? If not, you've got some more stamps to buy! I'm gonna make the payments on 2 more in a few weeks. Rebel Silencers are having a BOGO sale on their Alliance cans. 2 5.56 cans for $800 is too good to pass up.
  9. Wow I got approved fast

    Brother, I'll always have a soft spot for machine guns and this awesome community. I plan on bothering you guys for a looooooooooong time. If a really sweet deal comes along, I may change my mind and get back in. Right now, the wait times are just driving me insane.
  10. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    Post us your contact data. We'll write you in prison.;)
  11. Wow I got approved fast

    Yes sir hopefully wait times will drop a little more for every one mine approve is most definitely a fluke. and hope while your exploring other hobbies you still stop in on here I enjoy speaking to you ole boy.
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  13. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,481 pages!!! Tony
  14. Selling part of my collection

    PM sent on the PS90!!! Tony
  15. I have one left, unused Steyr olive green LMG stock with complete bolt group and trigger pack complete. $500 O.B.O.
  16. I have closed my HK build operations and have about 20 different trigger packs available: PLEASE NOTE: ALL NFA rules apply when using these. Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all. Note also type of grip frame included in listing. 1 x HK 21 4 position ambi trigger pack, clipped and pinned. Suggested $750 1 x HK MP5-.40 4 position extended selector ambi pack push pin Suggested $800HK 1x HK MP5-.40 SEF trigger pack clipped and pinned $700 1x HK MP5-.40 3 position ambi trigger pack clipped and pinned $750 1 x HK MP5 9mm 3 position ambi trigger pack clipped and pinned $750 1 x HK MP5 9mm 3 position extended selector trigger pack push pin $750 1 x HK .223 4 position trigger pack, clipped and pinned $750 3 x HK .223 SEF ergonomic trigger packs clipped and pinned $550 each 1 x HK .223 4 position ambi trigger pack, clipped and pinned $750 1 x HK .223 SEF trigger pack, clipped and pinned straight grip frame $550 1 x HK 53 .223 3 position ambi trigger pack with correct ejector lever for 53 / 33k $750 1 x HK G36 4 position trigger pack $750 1 x HK 53 .223 3 position trigger pack, no grip frame or selector lever with correct ejector lever for 53/33k $350 1 x HK G3 .308 4 position ambi trigger pack push pin grip frame $750 I have several .308 clipped and pinned grip frames in SEF and 3 position ambi packs. Inquire for your needs.
  18. WTB DP28 or DPM Pre Sample Or Transferable

    Guys here is the proof this board works!!! I found a super NICE C&R DP 28 via my post here! David, Albert and all, Thanks! Another contribution will follow upon the return of the F4. Thanks god it takes time, I'm having hit the 401 for this one... LOL! PTRS 14.5 Charlie
  19. Selling part of my collection

    pm sent
  20. 5 month BTT Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  21. WTS - IMI UZI 9mm SMG

    IMI UZI "model A" 9mm SMG - registered bolt, converted by Weapons Spec. of Phoenix, AZ. Fully transferable - gun is in my inventory. Firearm is in excellent original condition and runs perfect. Contact: Fox Enterprises, Greg Fox, at Class 3 dealer since 1986. All NFA rules apply. $11,500,
  22. WTS Used Bennelli M1 Super 90 14" Barrels

  23. WTS Used Bennelli M1 Super 90 14" Barrels

  24. WTS: M240 Parts Kit - $6,500 - New Photos

    Four month BTT... Have one kit in stock Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  25. R.L, you asked a valid question: "Since when is the truth racist.?" Answer: The left will let you know when to speak and what to say. If you are not fully on board with their agenda, then you the enemy, plain and simple. Remember the other night when Pres. Trump had a speech at the Target Center, a Great speech I might add! Well, first the police were attacked and as Trump supporters were leaving the event, they had to deal with protesters (who the Dems call peaceful, Not) and the media brushed it over as "don't be a conservative, this is what happens and you brought it on". They have gone Bat Shit Crazy and if they don't settle down, I'm pretty sure "they will get what's coming to them" because until now, we have been very restrained and level headed. I suspect this next election will get very ugly, I hope not, however they will not get over the fact that Trump was elected, fair and square. Hope all is well, Dennis
  26. RPD Jig

    I called them and sent an email with no response. Answer machine said due to flooding from July they are temp closed thanks for the response
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