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  2. Potential Scam Accounts

    We also received this email today. Ironically, item #7 is our ad. Morons
  3. WTS: PPSH 41 parts

    Will take drums, 2 barrels , recoil assy's and buffers PM sent
  4. PM sent on 9mm Barrel.
  5. Potential Scam Accounts

    Wow, it's amazing and depressing how long this thread is now. Thanks for doing this! Stay safe out there, folks. - Matt
  6. WTB: MG08/15 bipod and belt loader

    I just got IMA's latest email sales ad. It shows they indeed still have some Turkish aluminum Maxim belts. They have them labeled as "Original German Maxim MG Aluminum Ammunition Belt - 250 Rounds".
  7. I have an assortment of PPSH 41 spare parts for sell, that I have acquired over the years. Most all parts will be considered used and in good condition, with the barrels being in excellent condition (appear to be unfired.) Please message me if interested in complete package or with any questions. Can provide additional pics of any desired part. Thanks 2 - 7.62 x 25 barrels $100 shipped each 1 - 9mm barrel $100 shipped 3 - bolts (complete) $40 shipped each 1 - bolt (minus extractor) $35 shipped 6 - drums $35 shipped each 1 - lower housing w/ejector and magazine catch $50 shipped 2 - complete trigger housings w/ trigger group assembly's $ 50 shipped each 3 - recoil spring assembly's $15 shipped each 1 - recoil spring $10 shipped 1 - ( misc. parts - upper receiver latch , 2 buffers, receiver screw , etc.) $ 20 shipped 1 - fair/good condition stock w/o sling escutcheon $ 35 shipped 1 - good/excellent condition stock w/ sling escutcheon $ 60 shipped 1 - good/excellent condition stock w/ complete lower housing(piece of magazine catch lever broken off, but functions), complete trigger group and housing $ 150 shipped
  8. Potential Scam Accounts

    Just got this email from a scammer tonight. Many of my old ads are copy/pasted into "her" emailed listing. Suzie Schafer <> 1 Post Sample HK53A3 Machinegun I have a handful for Excellent condition HK53A3 machineguns ready to transfer out via Form 3 from the PD. Guns have sat in the armory for some time and hardly used. They come with 1 magazine, Surefire forend light, and Long Flash Hider. Price is $2000 Delivered for these. If interested call the shop or send an email. 2.JCB DIAS with Colt host $26,600 This is a JCB drop in auto sear and Colt 9mm host. You know what you are looking at. This is one of the hardest NFA pieces to get and they rarely come up for sale. This one is all steel, not aluminum. You can legally put this into nearly any AR15 style rifle and shoot full auto.The first transfer to your FFL/SOT will be paid on this end. As a bonus you will also receive a very nice Colt preban 9mm host. The scope pictured does not go with it. 3 Post-86 Spanish CETME C - $1000 Excellent condition original-import Post-86 Dealer sample Spanish CETME Model "C" in .308 Win / 7.62x51mm. Gun runs great with a wide range of ammo. Trigger group is SAFE / SEMI / AUTO. Includes one 20rd steel CETME magazine. Accepts cheap surplus HK91 / G3 mags. 4 H & K Factory G36K Front End Assembly, Barrel & Handguard - $600 I have for sale as shown in Pic a Heckler & Koch G36K Front End. Barrel and Handguard are in excellent condition. Handguard includes Bottom Rail. $600.00. I will accept as payment, U S Postal Money Order 8" Saiga SBS ready for your color 2000.00 Shipped 8" Saiga 12 transfers on a form 3, your choice of Duracoat color/colors. 2000.00 shipped for this model add ons available. One left at this price. 5 Sig 556 Short Barrel Rifle $800 Sig factory registered short barrel rifle. It came out of an LE agency and is in very good condition. It is equipped with the railed hand guard. It will transfer out to your FFL/SOT dealer on a form 3 6 Suppressed Stainless Ruger MKII Target Pistol, $1000 For sale is an Excellent Condition integrally suppressed Stainless Steel Ruger MKII Target Pistol in 22lr. OTB of Florida took a Ruger MKII Target Pistol, bore out the factory heavy barrel and added the suppressor. We have test fired the unit and it works 100% and is very quiet. Barrel is NOT ported. Being a Target variant it has the fully adjustable rear sight. Comes with factory box, and four Ruger factory 10rd magazines. Price is $1,100 plus $30 for insured shipping to your FFL/SOT within the lower 48 states. Item is in stock and will transfer to your dealer on a tax free Form 3. 7 New/Unfired FM-9 9mm Belt Fed Semi-Auto Colt SBR NEW IN THE BOX Freedom Ordnance FM-9 9mm Belt Fed Upper mated to a NEW UNFIRED Colt 6933 Factory SBR Lower Receiver. Comes as shown with a 11" Quick Change Barrel, Belt Bag, 150 Custom Links, Manual & Factory Box. ALSO INCLUDES a 6" Quick Change Barrel with Short Railed Hand Guard with a Conversion Tool and a NEW Military Grip-Pod, Poly/SS legs, GPS-02. Colt SBR is registered on a Form 3. LE294395. In-Stock for Immediate transfer. 8 Post 86 Minimi & HK 33E pair for $6k 9 SIG 552-2 SP "Premay" Commando SBR $3500.00 LE trade in purchased several years ago. In VG to Exc. condition when purchased and has been fired approx. 100 rounds to function test and has been sitting in my safe ever since. All matching, all original Swiss factory rifle. This is a "premay" dealer sample so it can only be purchased by FFL / SOTs but it's also a keeper if you retire your license. Comes with one 30 round SAN magazine. Includes three original forearm rails, one Swiss B&T top rail and original hard case. Bottom forearm rail has masking tape on it simply to retain factory screws. 10 Post-86 Dealer Sample Ultimax Mk. 2 - $5500 I have available an extremely rare post-86 dealer sample machine gun: the CIS (Singapore) Ultimax Mk. 2 in excellent condition with an included extra barrel from another torch-cut parts kit. This is serial number 0031 of the Mark 2 series to have been imported into the country. The gun is all original as it was imported into the United States from Singapore. It includes one original lightly-modified AR15 / M16 30rd magazine and any AR15 / M16 style magazine can be easily modified to fit and be used in the Ultimax Mk. 2, including drums. The Ultimax system fires from the open bolt and the shooter incurs zero recoil as a result of the Stoner-engineered system. The bipod folds and extends as an integral unit of the gun. I have never seen one of these complete, original guns available for sale, especially in this condition. I am ASKING $5500.00 OR BEST OFFER, with shipping included, for the complete, original Ultimax and extra complete barrel in the torch-cut receiver. 11 Beretta Model 1938, $10,000 This is a fully transferable Beretta 38 in very nice condition. The bore is in very good condition with sharp rifling. Good finish with some minor speckling. Decent wood with typical handling marks. This comes test fired and safety inspected with a sling and two magazines. 12 Stemple STG-U9 with suppressor $5,500 two Suomi 72 Round drums, folding stock, extra barrel, bipod. Firearm and suppressor currently on (separate) Form 3/dealer. Price includes shipping (USPS) and insurance. Have pictures available. A fun gun to shoot.. 13 1918A2 BAR C&R 1918a2 BAR made by New England Small Arms Corp C&R gun refinished. Comes with 5 magazines and sling. SOLD Pictures “Final development of the M1918A2 was authorized on 30 June 1938. The FN-designed pistol grip and rate-reducer mechanism with two rates of automatic fire was shelved in favor of a rate-reducer mechanism designed by Springfield Armory, and housed in the buttstock. The Springfield Armory rate reducer also provided two selectable rates of fully automatic fire only, activated by engaging the selector toggle. Additionally, a skid-footed bipod was fitted to the muzzle end of the barrel, magazine guides were added to the front of the trigger guard, the handguard was shortened, a heat shield was added to help the cooling process, a small separate stock rest (monopod) was included for attachment to the butt, and the weapon's role was changed to that of a squad light machine gun. The BAR's rear sight scales were also modified to accommodate the newly standardized M2 Ball ammunition with its lighter, flat-base bullet. The M1918A2 walnut buttstock is approximately one inch longer than the M1918 BAR buttstock. The M1918A2 barrel was also fitted with a new flash suppressor, and fully adjustable iron sights. Late in the war, a barrel-mounted carrying handle was added. Because of budget limitations, initial M1918A2 production consisted of conversions of older M1918 BARs (remaining in surplus) along with a limited number of M1922s and M1918A1s. After the outbreak of war, attempts to ramp up new M1918A2 production were stymied by the discovery that the World War I tooling used to produce the M1918 was either worn out or incompatible with modern production machinery. New production was first undertaken at the New England Small Arms Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. (a total of 168,000 new weapons were manufactured). In 1942, a shortage of black walnut for buttstocks and grips led to the development of a black plastic buttstock for the BAR.Composed of a mixture of Bakelite and Resinox, and impregnated with shredded fabric, the buttstocks were sandblasted to reduce glare. Firestone Rubber and Latex Products Company produced the plastic buttstock for the U.S. Army, which was formally adopted on March 21, 1942.The M1922 machine rifle was declared obsolete in 1940, but they were used by Merrill's Marauders in Burma later in the war as a slightly lighter alternative to the M1918A2. Production rates greatly increased in 1943 after IBM introduced a method of casting BAR receivers from a new type of malleable pig iron developed by the Saginaw division of General Motors, called ArmaSteel. After successfully passing a series of tests at Springfield Armory, the Chief of Ordnance instructed other BAR receiver manufacturers to change over from steel to ArmaSteel castings for this part.During the Korean War, M1918A2 production was resumed, this time contracted to the Royal McBee Typewriter Co., which produced an additional 61,000 M1918A2s.
  9. Listing for a friend. He has it listed on Snipers Hide as well and goes by Gilly Very clean low round count Knight's SR-25 Enhanced Match Rifle 20 inch chrome lined 5R barrel, two stage trigger. Included is the original book, test target and log book for the rifle. I have approximately 100 rounds on it since I purchased the rifle and it was very low round count of 100-125 when I bought it. You will see bolt and port show very little wear, the rest of the finish on the rifle is very good. Only small noticeable marks are around port and on rail where bipod was mounted and possibly where scope mount is, I have not removed it to see. This rifle was under half MOA at 100 and 500 yards with 175 berger OTM and varget using LC brass load development was stupid easy with it. Selling as I don't shoot much gas gun and want to replace it with a bolt rifle of some kind likely an AI that I will take out more. It is wearing a Leupold Mark 6 3-18x44 TMR reticle in a Nightforce mount that I will inclued at additional cost if buyer wants it, if not I will sell after rifle sells. I will take paypal gift and may be open to other arrangements PM with questions on this. Only trades/partial trades I would consider are the following: S&B or Kahles scope in Mil and reticle I can live with AIAX short action post 2014 with quick change barrel + cash on my end to make it even Maybe the right deal on an AIAT with quick change barrel Rifle only: $4200 Shipped to your FFL for transfer Scope and mount: $1700 I have a good amount of lake city brass I bought and still in package I would work out a deal on as well as dies and bullets at a discounted price to the buyer of rifle. Just need to take inventory if interested to work out details.
  10. I have an opportunity to obtain one and it has an extra folding stock, a 20 round drum, extra mags For anyone with knowledge: To whom would you send one to make 922r compliant? How bad does this kick compared to other combat shotguns— I have shot Benelli and 870s mainly. are they reliable? Quality in general? price range w all the drum, mags, accessories in the marketplace Parts availability?
  11. Yesterday
  12. We have a large selection or HK gunsmithing tools, jigs and mandrels in stock and ready to ship! Click the link above each image for more details and pictures. HK G3 HK33 TRIPLE FRAME PRESS JIG $39.95 MP5 TRIPLE FRAME PRESS JIG $39.95 HK SEMI-AUTO SHELF LOCATOR WELD LOCATOR $49.95 HK UNIVERSAL PADDLE CATCH DRILL JIG $129.95 MP5 BARREL PRESS JIG $179.95 HK RIFLE BARREL PRESS JIG $199.95 HK BARREL PIN JIG FOR ALL HK9X WEAPONS $89.95 HK FLAT BENDING JIG $279.95 (high quality CNC machined one piece base for strength, durability and repeated folding perfection!) HK FLAT BENDING JIG AND BARREL PIN JIG COMBO $324.95 HK UNIVERSAL STRAIGHTENING MANDREL $375 HK WELD JIG FOR MP5 MP5K MP5 STRETCH HK53 AND HK51 $495 HK WELD JIG FOR G3 HK91 PTR HK93 HK33 $545 And don't forget your handle little HK brush to clean the lint out of the speakers on your Iphone! These are new, so no gun oil will get inside your phone... HK CLEANING BRUSH NEW, GERMAN $0.95 Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 facebook: Web:
  13. WTS: Valmet Pre Sample MG

    All heavy barrels are model 78's the model 76's have regular barrels
  14. WTS: Valmet Pre Sample MG

    contact info? Also what is the exact model is it a 78 or 76?
  15. WTB: "Quality" Machine Guns, Funds Overnighted

    Re-up Ad
  16. Steyr AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Sample

    Re-up Ad
  17. Ruger, AC556F, Blue Folder, Very Nice

    Re-up Ad
  18. XM15E2 (M16), Sendra, in Excellent Condition

    Re-up Ad
  19. WTB: old style SureFire 6P Classic

    Definitely. Please email me a photo and what you need to get out of it to me here thru the site. Thanks!
  20. Finally the most anticipated PDW style stock for the MP5K ever developed. Made 100% in the USA. The stock rails collapse along the top ridge of the grip frame for the lowest profile stock ever produced for the MP5 family of firearms. Finally a collapsible stock for the MP5K is here!Each PDW stock set includes: 5 position stainless steel nitrided rails 7075 hard anodized aluminum body Billeted ambi sling attachment All steel locking mechanism Built in replaceable buffer lightweight and low profile weighs less than 1 lb. Works will all factory spec MP5K style firearms Fits: HK MP5K, SP5K, SP89, Z-5P, Z-5K, Custom Builds & MP5K Clones (SBR rules apply)-----------------Price: $329.95-----------------Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494 here for our complete inventory and kits available here at HK parts.
  21. email sent please respond if not sold
  22. WTB: old style SureFire 6P Classic

    Will, I have one and a lot of extra bulbs, are you still interested?
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