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  2. WTK: Opinions on transferable M2 carbines.

    Gentlemen, Thank you for your advice. It is much appreciated. I will keep my eye open for a conversion kit. The prices seem to be moving up as of lately. The days of the affordable FA guns are escaping us. I believe that the coming bump fire stock / Binary trigger ban with put more upward pressure on MG prices. The cheap alternatives are going the way of the Dodo. I could be wrong....
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  4. WTS SVT 38 with Extra Goodies $4400 Russian SVT 38 Tula 1939 matching ...... very slight wood scar right above trigger ... left side ...... bore a bit frosty ..... good rifling ..... has SVT38 Magazine. This rifle has been sitting at the back of one of my gun safes for over 30 years. ___________________________________ I am retired and selling off some of my collection. I also have a German G41W ..... G43 ..... SVT 40 ...... Early 80's Mitchell Arms Import Yugo 59/66 SKS and AK Folder SVD Dragunov Tiger ...... . NOTE .... these are NOT untouched ... mint .... museum quality firearms ! They are VERY NICE SHOOTERS ...... ___________________________________ . ************ NO PM's ********* Email me Directly at _____________________________________________ I do have an extra SVT38 original magazine ....VG ...... with original SVT38 mag pouch $297 shipped ___________________________________ This SVT38 package deal includes the following items .... 1 original SVT 38 magazine .... 2 slings .... 3 metal oilers .... 1 tool roll with tools ..... 1 spare Firing pin. 3 leather pouches ...... . SVT38 package ...... $4400 plus shipping Your FFL Must accept from a non FFL .... me . . I only accept US Postal Money Orders I "may" consider accepting a Capital One Bank Cashiers Check ... NO other banks if you have done business with me in the past . NO Trades Please . Again ....... ********* NO PM's please *********** Email me directly at Photos ...... NOTE ... NO Bayonet ..... NO Manual ..... NO BFA is Offered in this Deal.
  5. Machine Gun Price Guide updated thru February

    AUGs have increased by that much?! I remember when I was bitching about paying $16,000 for my Fleming sear AUG. Also, if you are the person keeping records for the MGPG, you need to differentiate between the FN M240 and the DLO M240.
  6. WTS: PKM Parts Kit - $4,500

    6 month BTT... have one kit left Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  7. WTS: USGI M60 Channels - Pics

    6 month BTT.... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  8. I have a very good condition and very rare KAC "Navy" 10mm silencer made for the H&K MP5/10 and MP5/40 SMG. This is a direct thread silencer that attaches to either of the two models. These were made specifically for the H&K by Knight's Armament. KAC has since discontinued production of this model. Fully transferable Currently on a Form 3 in my inventory and ready to eForm 3 to your SOT. $1200 or best offer, shipping is included in price. Call or text 281-467-5424 Thanks!
  9. WTB - Full auto AK47

    Looking to add a full auto AK47 to my collection. Will consider anything (including bring backs with solid provenance). The higher the quality/condition, the better.
  10. Looking to buy either complete part sets, barrels, magazines, or extractors specifically. Let me know what you have and what you're asking for. Manny Pacheco Mannite Engineering LLC Type 07 Class 2 Littleton, Mass USA
  11. WTS C&R and Transferable. $7950 up.

  12. Pre-86 Sales Sample UZI $6,900

  13. Colt M16A2 carbine $30,500

    Sorry it’s sold.
  14. Looking for Philadelphia Ordnace BAR 80% receivers or demilled factory receiver pieces. Also potentially interested in Philly Thompson as well. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  15. KAC suppressor for MK23

    Have a new bushmaster SBR, other silencers or excellent ultrasonic gun clean/lube systems for trade
  16. This is an awesome weapon. Brand new in the original case. it also comes with a new in wrapper stock so if you want to SBR it you can. these are very hard to come by this particular model because they no longer import these. This model comes with the highly desirable diopter sights. for further details please contact me at 202 297 9571 4.2K OBO trades considered
  17. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    In Florida, machine guns are illegal until you show they are possessed in compliance with Federal law. Here they are investigating a crime until you prove otherwise. The one time a deputy approached us when we were shooting them on private property (we were with an off duty deputy from the same agency). He said he was responding to a neighbor's noise complaint. We told him we had written permission to be on the property and offered to show it and papers on the guns. He said that's okay and he went on down the road. I had just picked up my M60 receiver, which was sitting on the front seat next to me when I got pulled over by FHP (for barely passing him in his marked unit...I wasn't going fast). I apologized and said I was just so excited from picking up my new baby. He laughed and sent me on my way. Best story ever was when me and two other police buddies went to Knob Creek a month after September 11. We drove onto Fort Knox to go to the Patton Museum. We didn't want to leave our MG (and the two MKII grenades) in our hotel room, so they were in the van with us. Uniformed guards had military officers in uniform pulled aside while their vehicles were being tossed and undercarriage inspection mirrors were being used. My buddies were sweating us having M9's stuck in our ears. I told them to flash their ID's and tell them what we had and why. The gate guard asked to look in the back of the van. He said to keep them in the cases and don't take them out of the van. Have a nice visit. It's been my experience, it's all in your attitude. Cops like friendly and cooperative people.
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