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  2. Why? In my personal experience both the M73 and the "improved" M219 were dogs. While on paper they seemed great in actual use they just did not measure up. I would not refer to them as BMGs, Brownings worked even the M1919A5, which is what the M73 and M219 were supposed to replace.
  3. M10, 9mm, RPB/MAC, Excellent

    Re-up Ad
  4. Colt M16A1, Rifle, Original Colt

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  6. we used to see them at the "great western" Pomona and Houston shows in the late 60's and early 70's with receiver pieces and almost complete. in the past 25 years I have only seen brls and a few bolts or small parts. BOB FARIS had a trunk of stuff but don't know where it ended up.
  7. THEY ALL SUCK! and always HAVE don't believe that, look in your old American rifleman from day one. just change the names and the dates and the plea's for funds and articles still fit. as long as folks cling to the belief we are a "democracy" and NOT A CONSTITUTONAL REPUBLIC we will be where we are. when those bas*rds swear to uphold the constitution when taking office and then try to change it, they should be kicked out and LOCKED UP no matter what "party". who's FIRST?
  8. WTB: M16A1 and AK-47 - Transferable

    check out if you want a good laugh....45k for an m16a1
  9. Breda 37 Loader

    Still looking...
  10. Colt LMG Handguards

    Still looking...
  11. MP38/40 Leather Sling

  12. WTS: Lake City 50BMG Brass and M9 Links

  13. WTB: M16A1 and AK-47 - Transferable

    Still looking for M16...
  14. WTB: FN SCAR 16 FDE - Used

    Still looking...
  15. WTS FAL Parts

    Yes I have plenty of the lowers
  16. SACO Defense M60E-3 $66,900

    The best M60 on the market is still available!
  17. WTS FAL Parts

    DSA para lower $40 heavy barrel bipod and flash hider $75 inch carier and bolt $100 I would like to buy the above. If there are 2 para lowers, I would like both.
  18. I am looking for a Colt M4A1 post dealer sample. I have a demo letter in hand. Thank you
  19. Updated with new price
  20. WTS M2hb parts

    Message sent with questions about the bolts
  21. WTS FAL Parts

    Partial heavy barrel kit missing gas tube nut hand guard ring Bolt and carrier $800 Inch kit extra Barrel entreprisearms receiver $800 Light barrel stock with export commercial but plate $150 light barrel cocking handle $50 DSA para lower $40 DSA rail cover. $50 heavy barrel bipod and flash hider $75 heavy barrel hand guard $50 inch carier $50 inch carier and bolt $100
  22. KAC suppressor for MK23

    shoot me an email to I'll send pics
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