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  2. WTB: MP7A1 and HK416 Lower

    Looking to buy a lower only. Have letter. Please have price and pictures. Don't care condition of the lower. Email: eric(at)Pre
  3. WTS/PWS MK1 MOD 2 PISTOL 762X39
  4. Jan. 2018 Gun List Target 1911 Pistols Down Sizing the Collection Jim Clark Long Heavy Slide Colt 1911 Target Pistol in 45 ACP. This was a Shreveport, LA made gun with Stippled front grip and it looks new. This has a full length Bomar rib with no signs of wear. I have owned this gun 14 years and never fired it. It has an excellent trigger pull as well a crisp sight picture. The wood grips are great looking with palm swells also. I read that Clark priced these at $3800 before he died. $2500 OBO Bob Chow 1911 in 45 ACP made on a 70 Series Colt Gun. Full Length Bomar Rib with extended front sight for a longer sight radius. Nice Gold Medallion Colt Grips with Chows excellently done stippled front grip. Very light trigger pull & in fact I was told by prior owner to Pull the trigger when releasing slide to prevent sear release. It is a fantastic target pistol. $1650 OBO Giles made with a Colt 1911 in 45 ACP with a Giles full length rib with a Giles rear sight as well with a crisp sight picture. It has a trigger shoe with Colt Gold Medallion Wood Grips & 2 clips with nicely done Giles style front grip stippling. I have owned it over 18 years and never fired it. $1650 OBO Kimber 1911 Classic Gold Match in 45 ACP with a very nice trigger pull with dark diamond grips. I have owned almost 19 years and never fired it. New in original box. $1250 Bernadelli P010 22 Caliber Target Pistol with tools in nice soft case. In excellent condition. Owned 17 ½ years and not fired it. $795 Beretta 22 Olympic Target Pistol with Compensated Barrel and Barrel weight with nice thumb rest target grips in original fancy leather covered box. Imported in 1958 with import tag. In Excellent Condition. $1195 S&W 29-3 Silhoutte Revolver with 10” barrel. I have owned it 19 years and never fired it. This gun has the fancy adjustable front sight for all the 4 steel target distances. It looks like new. $1000 Beretta 92F in 9mm made in the USA without the “Warning Read Owners Manual” on the frame. Includes two 15 rd clips. $495 “Cigarette” 8mm Mauser Sporter Hunting Rifle with double set trigger set up that add $300 plus to a gun with peep rear sight. It could use a new recoil pad as it is dried up but usable. $795 All guns must ship to a FFL Dealer and plus shipping. Any need for questions or pictures e-mail me directly at
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  6. WTS transferable and Pre Dealer Samples

    The Vector UZI is SPF M-11 Is sold SPF
  7. MAC/RPB M11-.380 SMG

  8. WTS transferable and Pre Dealer Samples

    The Vector UZI is SPF
  9. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    We conduct our shoots on a large farm. The machinegun Fire can still be heard down in the town. Especially when the .50s are running... as a courtesy, prior to the shoots we call the local PD and let them know we will be having a machine gun shoot. They have always been appreciative of that and have never come out. I believe they like the fact that any calls they received about the FA fire from residents they already had an explanation to give them to set there mind at ease and let them know that Jimmy Jihad isnt in there back yard. Aaron- Mohnton, Pa
  10. EXCELLENT CONDITION AWESOME COLT M16A1 MACHINEGUN PACKAGE. Package Includes an Excellent Condition M16A1 Machinegun in Original Factory 20" Rifle Configuration with Triangular Hand Guards, A1 Shoulder Stock and Flash Hider. ALSO INCLUDES an Excellent Condition Colt 6921HBar "Soccom" Complete Upper Receiver with Bolt Carrier Group, "F" Marked Sight Post, M4 Hand Guards and Charging Handle, a New/UNFIRED AAC M4-2000 5.56 Suppressor, (3)NEW Factory Colt 30rd Magazines, a NEW IN BOX Beta-C 100rd Drum Magazine with Black Pouch, Loader & Graphite, a NEW IN BOX Freedom Ordnance FM-9, 11" Elite Quick-Change 9mm Belt Fed Upper Receiver with required Magazine Block, 150 Links, 150rd Nut Sack and Factory Form Fitted Box and an additional 1,000 9mm Links. $30,250.00 SHIPPED & INSURED to your Receiving Dealer. Form 3 - We efile for Quick Transfers. Florida Residents Subject to 6% Sales Tax. Check out our website: or 954-960-2596
  11. Excellent Condition SWD M11/9mm Sub-machinegun with a Lage Upper Receiver and a Sten Magazine Conversion. The Lower Receiver was sent to Practical Solutions for a Complete tune-up. We had New Reinforcement tabs installed in the Lower Receiver, New Safety Knob and internals replaced, Reparkerize the Lower Receiver and Factory Wire stock. The Lower Receiver was test fired for function. We had (2)two magazines Reparkerized to match the Lower Receiver. The gun now is mint and ready for a new home. Includes an Excellent Condition, 1st Gen. Lage Flat-Top Slow Fire Upper Receiver with Full Top Rail and Front Hand Guard with Bottom Rail, Flapper Magazine Release and M16 Carbine Style 4-Position Stock set-up for the M11. $8,850.00 Form 3 - We efile for Quick Transfers. Check out our website: or 954-960-2596
  12. Excellent MAC10/45 Powder Springs

    Excellent Condition MAC10/45, .45Cal. Sub-machinegun in Original Factory Configuration. This gun went to Practical Solutions for a complete tune-up. We had new the pin holes cleaned up, new reinforcement tabs installed in the lower receiver and the upper receiver was machined to fit, New Black Cobray Plastic Grip, Reparkerized the upper & lower receiver, Wire Stock and Bolt Carrier Group. They also went through the entire gun and replaced everything that needed replacing and was test fired for function. We also had (2)two Magazines reparkerized to match gun. The gun is upgraded with the reinforcement tabs and it's better than when it was new from the factory. In mint condition for a new home. $7,950.00 Form 3 - We efile for Quick Transfers Florida Residents Subject to 6% Sales Tax Check out our website: or 954-960-2596
  13. Excellent SWD-M11/9mm

    Excellent Condition SWD M11/9mm Sub-machinegun in Original Factory Configuration. Includes Factory Wrist Strap, (3) New Factory 32rd Zytel Magazines, (3) New Magpul Magazine Base Plate Rubber Pulls. Form 3 - We efile for Quick Transfers. $7,950.00 Florida Residents Subject to 6% Sales Tax & Transfer Tax Check out our website: or 954-960-2596
  14. Please email me at
  15. WTS: MP-40 receiver pieces

    Do you have a bolt or stock for sale?
  16. 550 Delivered. Please PM with questions.
  17. MP44, Original, Nice

    6615 MP44, German WWII in Nice Battlefield Condition, with Original Magazine $31,995 As with all DealerNFA, Inc. guns, this item is owned by us, and in stock at our Miami office, where it is available for inspection or eForm transfer to a dealer in your state. Dealernfa, Inc Ruben Mendiola President For the quickest response, please contact us through our toll free number 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST, or by email: 305-271-3436 866-NFA-WANT (866-632-9268) Toll Free 866-415-7066 Toll Free Fax 305- 718 -4976 Fax Please visit our website for more detailed images that can be magnified at: | | Facebook | Instagram | We are dealers and not Brokers. All firearms are in stock under our control and owned by DealerNFA, Inc With over 30 years in the Class III business, dealing in high quality legal firearms is not a hobby, but a profession - you will receive well deserved fast professional service. We are always looking for and paying top dollar for high quality legally registered machine gun, please either call me our my Toll Free line, email or fax. DealerNFA, Inc. pays the ATF transfer tax and payment is sent overnight. Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax.
  18. We have German MG3 barrel extensions in stock and ready to ship; with or without barrel stub. This is the correct part for all MG3, MG42 and M53 barrels in 7.62 or 8mm. Beautiful complete trunions are also available: MG BARREL EXTENSION WITH STUB, GERMAN $15.95 MG3/42 M53 BARREL EXTENSION, GERMAN $19.95 MG3 TRUNION COMPLETE $48.95 MG TRUNION RIVET NEW $9.95 (best option for your build) Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 facebook: Web:
  19. WTB: "Quality" Machine Guns, Funds Overnighted

    Re-up Ad
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