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  3. PRE 86 DS Steyr Aug 2 barrels, 4 mags

    Would you consider just selling the bipod barrel
  4. FN NIB Black SCAR 17 308 CALIBER
  5. 8 Exc condition Original Heckler Koch 93 25 round magazines ALL dated IE. No dents, No dings, very little wear. 75 each shipped. All 8 550 shipped. US postal money order only.
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  7. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    Have both Would keep the 10/22 over the HK its just more fun.
  8. IVAN SHAPIRO has an HK briefcase listed here which is now sold it seems. Messaged and called him right after listing it to let him know I would take it for $1780 shipped and I would send a shipping label. He agreed and asked if I had paypal which I did. Told him I would send it Monday(Today) and if he would please send me the MFG of the case and dimensions on the box for the label. At 12:31 today he gave me his shipping address for the label and said he was away and couldn't get dimensions yet which wasn't a problem. At 1:44 today he called me to say he had already sold it to someone else and apologized saying it was "To much dicking around and said I didn't want it". Funny how my email yesterday at 3:32 PM to Ivan stated I wanted it and funds would go out today. That wasn't good enough Warning to anyone wanting to do business with him seems he's some recommended dealer for years but doesn't hold up his end of the deal.

    Thanks for making a deal and selling it out from under me after I got all your info to send you a label and made the funds available to paypal like you requested. Told you I would send money today and you agree'd but seems that wasn't good enough.

    I have had numerous folks ask questions about these books. I did try to answer all issues in he original post. condition is always an opinion formed by the person viewing , I tend to be very conservative to avoid disappointment. THEY ARE ORIGINAL . they are used but suffer NO DAMAGE . the bindings are tight. if any skuffs are present , they are VERY light. VOL II part VII , has light tan paint applied in a 1/2" band top and bottom of the cover , front and rear that was applied to cover up factory applied " TOP SECRET PUBLICATION" etc. the outside corners show very little distortion from shelf removal. that's the best I can describe them. hope it helps mike
  11. WTS: Post Samples NO LAW LETTER $1000 and up

    Message sent with questions. Thank you
  12. WTB: Pre & Post 86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns

    Emailed you pics & video of the gun running. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  13. WTS: Post Samples NO LAW LETTER $1000 and up

    Glock SPF
  14. Scam!! Kassie Vicain

    They're at it again! I received this email this AM from one of the known Scammer email addresses ( CLOSING BUSINESS ( ALL TRANSFERABLE ) From: jeanette morris <> Date: Mon, May 21, 2018 7:16 am I WOULD BE CLOSING DOWN BUSINESS DUE TO FINANCIAL REASONS AS IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS WITH SALES AND MORE SO DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES.. I HAVE A FEW GUNS I AM WILLING TO DISPOSE AT A CHEAP PRICE.. ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE SHOOT ME AN EMAIL.. THANK YOU Don't get caught sending any money to these folks; you'll loose it! Scott Bloodhound Arms LLC
  15. Converted DSA RPD $3500 Wasr 10/63 $1500 Billet M16 Complete gun with 10" upper $1000 Sten MK2 $1000 Glock 17C with DIAS $1500 Prices include shipping and one mag
  16. Sell Norrell .22 for a HK pack? or Not?

    I will be probably the only person to say this, but I wouldn't. I have both. The MP5 is cool and all, but I honestly shoot the Norrell 10 to 1 now that the "newcool" factor of the MP5 has worn off. The MP5 sear will probably go up more in the future (I wouldn't think it would go up past the point it is at, $30000 is insane for one, but I have a poor track record on being right about that as I said the same thing at $5000 and $12000 and $20000 so.......) as it has a versatility the Norrell does not, but the Norrell is the only machinegun that I have sold and then repurchased because I regretted selling it. Norrell will be the last machinegun I sell.
  17. WTB: M-11 .380, and Sten

    I have a really nice one heres photo
  18. WTB: M-11 .380, and Sten

    PM sent
  19. I think it is sold. Have seen HK 33s with 1/7 twist and no barrel markings.
  20. I have an older hk93 with the slower twist and putting this one next to that rifle plus an ar 15 with the 1/7 twist this barrel is identical to the ar15 with the 1/7 twist when looking down both of them side by side. 1 full twist every 7 inches.
  21. I'm interested in buying an M-11 .380 and a Sten as a shooter, not a collectable piece.
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