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  2. WTS Russian AK-74 : SGL31 LNIB

    Thank you for NEVER responding to my post!
  3. WTB Walther MPL or MPK barrel retaining nut

  4. Does FA fire give probable cause?

    I have been approached several times by LE while shooting. Many years ago not many cops knew MGs were legal, but these days the cops pretty much know they can be legally possessed. When approached, I would always lay the guns down and step away from them and present the paperwork before being asked. Be cooperative avoid being defensive. I have never had a problem. Usually, the cops have been called by someone who heard automatic-fire. A few times I was on private property the cops just waited until I left then confronted me. I was coming back from a shoot one night and was stopped in a State Police DUI checkpoint. It had rained that day and all my cases got wet, so I had the guns out piled on the back seat. As one cop checked my ID another one was shining a flashlight into my car. He asked, "are any of those machine guns?" I said they all are. He said "anything cool?" I replied that "they all were." They smiled and said, "drive carefully." Never asked to see any paperwork. My advice has always been; don't f**k with anyone who is a position to f**k you.
  5. I’ll soon be getting my first FA. Question: does the mere act of firing a FA give cops the right to demand proof tthat the gun is legal? Assume that I’m at a legal place to shoot, in a gun-friendly state. One could make the case that FA shooting is not per se illegal, so why should police be able to presume criminality? I don’t see myself debating this with a sherrif’s deputy in my field, but it raises other questions. Can the cop enter private property without a warrant because a machine gun is heard? What if they are clueless about NFA and want to go straight to arrest? My lawyer knows nothing about this. Any information, experiences, or suggestions as to resources will be appreciated.
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  9. Aluminum dummy receiver for the German MP-44, has barrel pin. $450 shipped
  10. HK UMP 4 Position (0,1,2,Full) Burst Lower - $399.95Heckler & KochSear For USC, UMP & SL8, G36 Conversions - USA - $49.95HK PARTSHK Raddlock - UMP Lower Only - $29.95RaddlockButtstock, For HK USC .45 - Used - $99.95Heckler & KochUMP, USC & G36 Trigger - $19.95Heckler & KochUSC, UMP Stock Block B- Eyelet Screws - $194.95HDPS B&T APC, UMP Folding Stock - $149.95B&T Brugger & ThometIn stock and ready to ship today.HKPARTS 987-3494
  11. Sold the gun and I still have the Austen loader and one 50+ round FrankenSten magazine. Don't confuse the superior Austen loader with the steel and brass ring loaders. Bar none, this is the absolute best Sten mag loader available. The magazine construction was very nicely done by joining two good condition Sten mags and not some cobbled together piece of junk. Finish is very good! Sorry, no other mags are available. Both pieces sold together as a package. $165 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Credit cards ok. Questions? 702-763-1269.
  12. SOLD pending funds! Great condition Lage MAX-31A. This complete upper receiver is for the small frame M-11 or M11-A1 and allows you to shoot 9mm using surplus 72 round Suomi drums or 50 round coffin mags. Full length top rail for optics and bottom rail for k-grip. Well less than 1,000 rounds total, and so the barrel condition is great. This upper functions perfectly and needs nothing but a new home. Owners manual and extra grip included depicted are included. No surprises, no BS. Sold! shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Credit cards ok. Questions? Call 702-763-1269.
  13. WTS: M60 "Hollywood Style" Blank Firing Adapters - Pics

    Three month BTT.. Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  14. WTS: HK Bolt Assembly Tools - Pics

    Three month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  15. WTS: M2hb .50 cal Barrels - Pics

    Still have some Guide Lamp WWII .50 cal barrels ... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  16. Need Help ID ing some MG AA Sites

    I saw that too but it clearly different when compared.. I still think it is for a German MG15 possibly but am not 100% certain without a good image. Thanks for your input. Charlie PTRS
  17. New Gemtech GM 22 monocore suppressor. On a form 3 in S.C. only one available, original buyer backed out and lost 20%, his loss is your gain. $300 delivered. MO, ck or CC. CC adds 3.5% ($10.50)
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