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  2. Here are some Heavy barrel Bolt actions for sale Savage model 12 heavy barrel cal 22-250 stainless steel finish Laminate stock Left handed 26" fluted barrel , savage accu-trigger with Harris type bipod and NC star scope Price 625 plus s/h Savage model 12 heavy barrel in 204 Ruger caliber , Blued finish 26" barrel , Savage Accu-trigger Luepold style rings and base Price 500.00 plus s/h Savage 12 heavy Barrel 223 cal , Blued finish , 26" barrel Savage Accu-trigger and simmons 3x9 scope installed Price 500.00 plus s/h Remington 700LH Left handed 22-250 26" heavy barrel , Nikon Pro staff 3x9 BDC scope installed Price is 550.00 plus s/h Savage 10 223 blued 24 " barrel Laminate thumb hole stock Nikon 4x12 prostaff scope intalled Price is 600.00 plus s/h All guns and in very good condition and had been checked over. Pics available , just let me know which ones you want to see. No sales to California or where prohibited . CC add 3% Guns are for sale locally so don't wait
  3. Reduced to $1800 + Shipping
  4. Daewoo DR200 pistol grip wanted

    Message sent
  5. Original MG34 parts are almost impossible to find today almost all the original parts have dried up when these old parts are gone there GONE! . MG34 Barrel Jacket "stripped" 625.00 I accept Google pay for payment Its fast simple and secure all you need is a Gmail account
  6. The Unbearable Awkwardness of Automation
  7. Hello Sturm Community!! i remember this site from back in the day this was the place where it could be found, honestly if you couldn't find it on Sturm sooner or later LOL it didn't exist LOL Anyway i am glad to have returned to the site after a long leave Hope to do alot of buying,selling and trading Cheers!!
  8. m240 value

    Looking to get a value on my m240 pre may dealer sample gun?
  9. WTB MP40 Sling

    I just bought a sling from Tommy. Great and accurate description and top notch shipping/comms.
  10. Wanted: US Optics MST-100

    Looking for a US Optics MST-100. Please send info to Thanks. Brian
  11. I am looking for a leupold Stevens ultra 10x-m3a scope. Please send info to Thanks Brian
  12. Dean, do you have any stripped m-14 bolts?
  13. Made a semi Stoner 63A (66A)....

    What are the odds of two showing up at the same gun show?
  14. Who Can Repair HK Claw Mount?

    Thanks for the help, any special size or style roll pin needed? Seems like it would have to be pretty hard. JB
  15. Daewoo DR200 pistol grip wanted

    Looking for a pistol grip for a Daewoo DR 200 conversion
  16. WTS: 1919a4. DLO. 308. F4. Like New $16,950

    Good price This shouldn’t last long
  17. Yesterday
  18. WTS: 1919a4. DLO. 308. F4. Like New $16,950

    Oh yeah...I'll be at OFAST up in Wyandotte, OK this coming weekend (June 22 , 2018 weekend mg shoot). Upon specific request I can easily bring the gun up there for potential buyers to inspect. HH
  19. Exceptionally clean DLO 1919a4 in 308. Appears to have perhaps been tested fired only. I have not fired it during my ownership. I use another 1919 as my shooter as this one is too nice. Attached pics show the new or like-new condition. $16,950. Gun only. I will pay first stamp. You pay actual shipping costs of your choice when the time comes. Requires all funds up start to begin transfer. I accept most any method of payment. Not interested in any trades at this time. I'm happy to provide numerous personal references from the MG world and of course one is welcome to drop by to inspect it. Selling it only b/c I'm using funds for yet another MG. Shoot me a private message (or email me <my sturm user name> if you are interested in buying it. The first "I'll take it" gets it. Houston Hardin
  20. WTS: PKM Top Cover I have one PKM top cover available for sale. This piece is in good condition although it does exhibit some light demilling (nothing that cant be easily rectified). The cover is in overall good condition with finish wear throughout as shown in the photos. Don’t miss this chance to fill that gap in your parts kit! -Price: $200.00 Shipping: Actual Price Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order
  21. WTS Full Auto Retro AR15 Atchisson .22 caliber conversion kit ____________________________ . Payment Options....... Discreet Paypal +3% [ Preferred ] Required within 24 Hours Or US Postal Money Order Required within 5 days Please email me directly at No PM's When you email me ....tell me HOW you wish you Pay...... either Discreet Paypal or a US Postal Money Order .... this speeds things up a bit. Thanks for Looking Buddy ___________________________________________________________ I have had this Full Auto .22 kit for over 40 years ....... I don't remember last time I used this kit ....... in my M16 ....... BUT I do remember ....... IT WAS A LOT OF FUN ! . the back plate is detached from the assembly ...... an easy fix if desired. Kit still works fine as is ....... slide kit into your upper ...... just like your carrier ..... Slide Recoil spring into kit spring tube ...... position Auto Sear Trip ..... and weight...... hold back plate in place ....... close upper ...... your stock Recoil buffer holds everything together ....... load 30rd mags ...... charge rifle ..... set selector to Auto .... Aim ...... FIRE ........ REPEAT ..... FUN ..... FUN ...... FUN ! ! Please Note ....... This conversion kit WILL NOT make your Semi Auto AR15 .... FULL AUTO ....... the Conversion part is about the ...... CALIBER ...... converting from 5.56 to .22 long rifle. . You are buying ...... the Full Auto Version AR15 Atchisson .22 caliber conversion kit ...... 2 original 30rd mags ...... instructions and plastic case ....... $198 shipped Photo ....
  22. Re-up ad. Contact: XANTHUS@ASIA.COM
  23. grips are awesome!...great purchase....looks/feels great on a AR or M16
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