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  2. Glock 43, 9mm, 3.39" barrel, two magazines 6 + 2 round extensions The GLOCK 43 is a single stack subcompact slimline 9mm pistol designed to fit every lifestyle. As the most highly anticipated release in Glock's history, the G43 is the answer to your everyday concealed carry needs. The frame has a built-in beaver tail design along with an aggressive texture which allows the shooter to acquire a higher and tighter grip while the large magazine catch allows for easy removal of the two single stack six round + 2 round extension magazines. The G43 is ultra-concealable, accurate and perfect for all shooters regardless of hand size. Backed by superior engineering, the G43 is able to withstand the rigorous testing proven by the Glock family of pistols. $475 plus $15 shipping
  3. WWTS Brand New FN PARA M249 barrel $275 shipped
  4. WTS : Machine gun armory MK 46 $5000 This is a closed bolt gun runs off an HK trigger pack. Here is a link to the MGA websight with more info MGA MK 46 This is an very early model (single digit SN) So it is missing some of the modernization of the current model. This is currently a non NFA semi auto gun. We got it about the same time we found a deal on an actual SAW so this one has been unfired in the back of the safe. But the barrel has about 1K rounds on another gun. It has some safe rash from being moved around $5000 Shipped CONUS money order or wire transfer NO TRADES Email for quickest reply First I will take it gets it.. I have it posted in 2 forums will go buy time stamp on post
  5. LWRC 10.5 5.56 Factory SBR on form 3 $900

    PSD upper sold Bump for SBR rifle
  6. WTS : HK SL8 $1600 (price drop)

    Factory 10 round mag found and included Price Drop to $1600
  7. PM sent yesterday evening but no response received...
  8. WTB M11/380 Transferable

    Looking to buy a transferable M11/380. Small or large magwell. Pm what you have. Thank you.
  9. What do I need to know about mk760

    I am nine months into the transfer process with my MK760. Didn't plan on getting one, but just kind of fell into a good deal. Have only shot it once, but it is a sweet shooter. I am hoping the transfer is approved in the next few weeks. -KH
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  11. Price dropped to $90.00 shipped.
  12. Subscribe & Save

    With the rise in popularity of Amazon subscription programs, you can get nearly anything on a reoccurring schedule. The problem for gun owners: Amazon does not sell ammunition. We recognized this fact and built a service providing gun owners with a regular purchase program for select ammunition. Our program gives firearm enthusiasts a way to stock up on ammo every month. Customers purchase small amounts of ammunition but get bulk ammo prices. Ammunition inventory accrues for as long as the customer requests it. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!
  13. As pictured, very scarce Norman Wind Vane Sight. Fully functional and in stunning condition. This is the actual sight pictured on Page 235 in Robert Segel’s Book “Handbook of Machine Gun Support Equipment and Accessories 1895-1945”. There is detailed discussion about these pans on Page 507 of William Easterly’s Book “The Belgian Rattlesnake”, yet no image of an actual example is shown. $1500. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  14. As pictured, extremely scarce .30 caliber, 97-round Lewis pan with Veeder Co. round counting mechanism. Fully functional, counter is completely intact and in stunning condition, as well as leather handle. This is the actual pan pictured on Page 231 in Robert Segel’s Book “Handbook of Machine Gun Support Equipment and Accessories 1895-1945”. There is detailed discussion about these pans on Page 504 of William Easterly’s Book “The Belgian Rattlesnake”, yet no image of an actual example is shown. $3500. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  15. EXCELLENT CONDITION AWESOME COLT M16A1 MACHINEGUN PACKAGE. Package Includes an Excellent Condition M16A1 Machinegun in Original Factory 20″ Rifle Configuration with Triangular Hand Guards, A1 Shoulder Stock and Flash Hider. ALSO INCLUDES an Excellent Condition Colt 6921, 14.5″ Complete M4 Upper Receiver with KAC M4 RAS Quad Rail and (3)Full-Panels, Factory Colt Bolt Carrier Group, “F” Marked Sight Post, M4 Hand Guards , Charging Handle, Magpul Rear Flip-up Sight and a Authentic GI Grip-Pod with Metal Insert Legs. A New/Unfired GEMTECH “HALO” Titanium Silencer with Flash Hider “Quick Mount” adapter, Gemtech Suppressor Pouch and Factory Manual. (1)NEW Factory Colt 30rd Magazines, (2)Excellent Condition Vintage 20rd Colt Magazines and Colt Marked cable Lock. A NEW IN BOX Beta-C 100rd Drum Magazine LEO/MILITARY MARKED with OD Green Pouch, Loader & Graphite. Gun & Suppressor Registered on a Form 3 for a Quick efile Transfer $28,250.00 Florida Residents Subject to 7% Florida Sales Tax
  16. The highly sought after Gemtech VIPER9 Silencer for the MAC10/9mm & SWD-M11/9mm Sub Machine Gun. THIS SILENCER IS RARE AND HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY GEMTECH. NEW OLD STOCK. $695.00 FORM 3 for a QUICK EFILE TRANSFER Florida Residents Subject to 7% Sales Tax
  17. Excellent Condition Like-New “ABRAXAS” 9mm Pistol Suppressor by AWC. Direct Thread 1/2 X 28. Includes Factory Manual. Used Very Little in Personal Collection for over 20-years. $395.00 Registered on a Form 3 for Quick efile Tansfer. Florida Residents Subject to 7% Sales Tax.
  18. Hello all! I have 6 Wilson Combat Stainless Steel .45 ACP Mags For sale. I think they may work in a 1911 but that is your job to find out if it works for you. After all, I would not believe anything that anyone tells me. I make sure it fits myself. They are as pictured, five are super condition, one is a little bit worn. The floor plates are hard rubber, the rest of the mag is all stainless steel. I am asking $25 each, take them all and you get free shipping! You can reach me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. My name is Darek, You can text me at this number. In fact, I would Prefer if you text me and tell me what the best time is to call you back. I apologize, but my phone number got whored out so I get about 50 calls a day from unsolicited insurance, and anything else you can dream of, asking me to buy this or that and it is all pre-recorded. So even if I wanted to tell them where to go and what to do when they got there... it just don't work... I put in three pics. If you want any other specifics please let me know...and of course, wherever prohibited, please don't try to get me in trouble, and I will not try to cause you problems... I forgot to Mention, I have a soft spot for Cops & Soldiers since many of my friends are cops and some wanted to be soldiers. So If you want to haggle, talk to me and I just might surprise you with the deal we come to agree upon! After all, it is not about money... It is about staying alive, and having the tools to do so...
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