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  2. HK VP9SK 9MM 3.39" 10RD BLK 2MAGS FREE MAG OFF FROM HK AS WELL Special offer with the purchase of any NEW VP9SK model. Valid on purchases from March 1st, 2018 through April 15th, 2018. Copy of dated purchase receipt** required. Supporting documents MUST accompany the submission. Must have email access to receive a promo code. Promo code is for one-time use at and will expire 30 days after the promotion period. Limit one serial number per submission. Valid in the USA only to legal residents 21 or older. State law will apply. Not valid with any other offer. Allow 2-3 weeks for processing. GO TO H&K 709303-A5 P2000SK 10+1 9mm 3.26" V3
  3. Transit: As pictured, appears complete from what I know. Wood is solid, rope/leather handles are present and sound, a few fasteners have been replaced. $200 delivered to Knob Creek only. Armorer: As pictured, box appears complete (minus contents) from what I know. Leather and hinges are sound, wood is solid. $100 delivered to Knob Creek only. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  4. HK, MP5A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Excellent, Dyer

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  6. Potential Scam Accounts

    Someone is listing alot of NFA items for sale using Tim's Gunsmithing License. This is not Tim's there are asking to send funds to a different address. Do NOT send them anything. This is not Tim's however somehow they have a copy of my License and NFA tax stamp there are sending out. The license is not signed. Thanks Tim
  7. For sale are the following difficult to find night vision and thermal items; they are either new or slightly used: 1. Vectronix LRTV (New) w/ all accessories (A focal lens, tripod, battery, cables, manual, bag, etc) - $35,000 2. L3 PEQ-16A's (Used) with basic accessores (several available) - $2,750 3. PSQ-20A (Used) w/ all accessories (helmet mount, proprietary hinge mount, battery pack, integrated cable) - $14,000 4. L3 AN/PVS-31's (New) w/ accessories (cable, remote AA battery pack w/ integrated IR strobe, amber filters, multicam case, manual, bikini covers, and eye cups) - $20,000 Please contact us with any interest in the brokered items above: 713-955-5493
  8. As pictured, beautiful piece. All appears to be as it should, convertible parts are present and operational, latches function, nice felt, wood is solid, rope handles present, etc. $500 delivered to Knob Creek only. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  9. I am looking for a 12 gauge forend for a Ithaca stakeout that has the metal that will accept a hand strap. ehgREMOVE@yahoo dot com thanks
  10. KAC suppressor for MK23

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  11. WTB Colt M4A1 post dealer sample

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  12. AR18, C&R, Armalite

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  13. We hope you're all having a great day. All of these parts are in stock and ready to ship. Small Push Pin For Forearm Or Lower - German - $4.95 Heckler & Koch Vertical Grip With LED Light & Quick Detach Mount - $99.95 UTG MS QD LOW PRO FOLDING METAL FOREGRIP - $37.95 Leapers - UTG U.S. MP5 & HK94 Vented Wide Forearm - Horizontal - $64.95 B&T HK MP5, HK53 Tri-Rail Handguard - $299.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet B&T Ambidextrous Sling Pin - Small - $49.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet B&T MP5 Single Rail Handguard - $189.95 B&T Brugger & Thomet MP5, 94 & HK53 Key Mod Handguard - $99.95 HK PARTS MP5 HKey Rail Segment- Short - $59.95 Heckler & Koch HK German Vertical Foregrip - $86.95 Heckler & Koch MP5 HKey Rail Segment- Short - FDE - $60.95 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  14. WTB: Yugo M-76 Buttstock & other parts

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  15. I have a Mint Winchester 1200 Trench gun or riot gun correct 6 row holes , Vietnam Issue , Hand guard with bayonet lug , gorgeous Orig. Grey parkerized finish I have not even wiped off with CLP yet it is as I got it , with numbers in casting on left side , perfect for US Military shotgun collector or to replace that missing guard on your US 1200 ( they is a complete US 1200 shotgun listed on GB right now for $6 Grand , I am asking $ 600 shipped , thought I would run it on here before ebay or GB, very rare piece to find on the loose , I also have an Original 1968 US manual for this shotgun somewhere I would sell also if I can find it , thanks in advance Steve K in Tn .
  16. Ruger AC556, .223, blued, folder, with original shipping box and extra mags $13.5
  17. 1919A4, RAMO sideplate and manufactured; excellent condition w/98% park; M2 tripod, links, spares $18.5k offers
  18. WTS Russian SVD Tiger / Dragunov SUPER Complete Package $6300 Payment ..... I will accept a Capital One Cashiers Check ....... If I have done business with you in the past .... other common bank Cashiers checks may be acceptable. Otherwise ....... US Postal Money Orders. Local sale in the HOUSTON TX area possible ...... CASH ONLY. Your FFL Must accept from a Non FFL ...... Me . Shipping will be $60 ...... US Registered Mail. 7.62x54R ammo available for sale to anyone in the Houston TX area ..... $6500 Please NO PM's ....... email me directly ....... Thanks for looking Buddy __________________________________________________ Time to move this out of the safes ! . Russian SVD TIGER...... Century Arms Import ..... 1994 all matching numbers w/matching PSO-4 4x24 Scope ....... less than 200rds fired ...... if that . Super SVD TIGER Package ....... Rifle comes with 6 Magazines ...... Five 10rd and One 5 rd ..... sling ..... matching Numbered PSO-4 Scope w/canvas cover ..... Additional PSO 8x42 Scope w/canvas cover . 3 Extra bulb holders with 12 spare bulbs [ Scope has diode light installed ] .... 3 orange filters .... 2 Battery Warmers ...... 5 Original Russian Batteries-Dead ..... extended Battery caps for AA 3.6 volt Battery < included ..... [ Fresh SAFT AA size 3.6 volt batteries are available from Internet Battery Sellers ] 2 extra rubber eyecups .....PSO- 4 Manuals both in English and Russian ..... Magazine Pouch ..... holds 4 mags .....combo tool w/cleaning tools inside ..... cleaning rod sections ..... spare Firing pin and spring ... Broken Brass Extractor Tool ...3 oilers with cases..... 3 pocket belt magazine Pouch .... Rubber Buttpad w/strap ..... Carry Case w/ strap ...... English Manual ..... English printed Test Reports ...... Second magazine Pouch [ holds all accessories ] ...... $6500 plus shipping ___________________________ Photos ....... . Bipod and middle 3x9 1P21 Scope .... SOLD Group Photo ....... WOW ........ . Left Side Rifle ..... Right Side Rifle .... Right Receiver ..... Left Receiver ..... Left Stock ............ Right Stock ......... Left Handguard .. Right Handguard .. Left Barrel .............. Right Barrel ........... Original Rubber Buttpad ..... 2 Battery Warmers ....... Combo Tool / Cleaning Kit ..... Receiver Markings - Matching Numbers ...... 39200 ... Matching PSO-4 Scope ....... 39220 ...... 4x24 PSO Scope Left. .... With canvas cover .... 3 Spare PSO Bulb Holders with 12 bulbs ...... 3 Yellow Filters .... Small Carry Case ... 5 original Russian Batteries [ Dead ] ...... Extended Battery cap w/ 3.6 volt AA Battery .... AA 3.6 volt SAFT Battery ...... PSO 8x42 Scope with canvas cover..... extended Battery cap ... SAFT AA 3.6 volt .. Right side ...... Left Side ......... Magazine Pouch w/Mags ..... 2nd Magazine Pouch w/accessories. ...... 3 Pocket Belt Pouch ...... Accessories ..... Magazines and Accessories ..... SVD Manuals ...... Group Photo ..... English SVD Manual ....... Russian / Cyrillic and English PSO Manuals .... Carry Case ...... / _________________________________ AA 3.6 volt SAFT Batteries are readily available from online Battery Sellers _____________________ _____________________ For Sale Separately ....... 3 Russian SVD Manuals .....NOT part of the above package ....... Original SVD Armorer's Manual .... printed in Cyrillic ..... 1971. $50'sManual1971.jpg Original SVD Armorer's Manual ...... printed in Cyrillic ...... 1989. $50'sManual1989.jpg Original SVD Manual ..... printed in Cyrillic ..... 1967. $50 Just last week ...... TIGER Recently SOLD ...... few extras ...... $6800
  19. JOHN, you called it right, they were total JUNK. BOB FARIS was a retired from the army and he ran a repair truck in KOREA . he was considered the top dog for small arms in the army at the time. in desperation they asked him to come back and try to save the system, which is why he had all the parts on hand. he was not able to get them up to standards and the entire program was scrapped after his findings. he did write up a very detailed explanation of all the issues and a few copies were printed for distribution in the proper channels. I believe there is mention of this in one of DOLPHS Browning books that BOB contributed. while at his home I sat and read BOB'S report and that was in the 70's so I cant give you any details. I would hope the vultures that raped his collection saved most of his paperwork for history but who know's. I would guess that most of the outer parts went the way of dummy's and display pieces many years ago. you might try to ask some of the long time hoarders like CURT WOLF or BOB NAESS. frankly I'm surprised you don't have any in your magnificent stash. good luck with your search
  20. WTB Browning M3 barrels

    AREN, I have a like new M-3 brl and jacket that I planned to dig out and try to move together in the future. its been years since I looked at it and I cant remember if its lined or not, so I will need to check it out. also I have quite a few other M-3 parts like new bolts , brl ext . top covers etc. any interest while I'm digging?
  21. What do I need to do in order to be able to list an item in the NFA market board?

    Do I need to upgrade account? and if so, how?



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