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  2. Beautiful original fully functioning 1934 C&R Hotchkiss Anti Tank gun . Excellent condition , always indoors, ready to go with 2 tin of unopened ammo. Ammo goes with the gun 18.5 K cash Can take any pics you want
  3. Selling my transferable matching number MP44. Runs flawlessly . cash only. I’m happy to send as many pics as you like. I cant seem to upload any pics on here
  4. Today
  5. RPB M11 .380

    Call me at 570-578-2922 Ten-X Sport Shop Class 3 SOT
  6. Found it.. 1997
  7. WTB Transferable MG42

    Have one with tripod,308 kit,accessrories,etc.
  8. For sale. Semi 1919a4 $2300

  9. Looking for a good set of original Colt.
  10. WTB Transferable MG42

    Looking for a transferable mg42. Form 4 or 3 is alright. Non numbers matching is Ok as well. Would entertain any and all weapons!
  11. Wts Erb Sten MKV with matching suppressor

  12. WTS Machine Guns in stock now

    New struff
  13. Thank you can I get some pictures, please
  14. Lage MAX-10/31 3-lug unfired for Mac 10

    Still available, thanks for the inquiry
  15. Still available for sale??? Thank you
  16. WTS: Nice SWD M11/9

    Estate Sale: SWD M11/9 3 mags and the original mag loader. Form 4 direct from estate to NC residents. Asking $7000 contact: Phil Flack for details
  17. Yesterday
  18. WTB Colt 10"/11.5" Upper

    Im interested in purchasing a Colt 10" Upper maybe an 11.5" upper for my M16. With or without BCG that is reasonably priced. My Colt lower does not like after market uppers. If you have something suitable please PM me! Thanks for your time Tommy
  19. Colt parts kit still available, m14 bolt is someone else. Ok you said you want the parts kit, payment terms same as the other parts kit. To confirm please send me your shipping info.
  20. Steyr SSG69 PIV (P4)

    I'm looking for a NIB condition SSG69 precision rifle. If you have one to sell please PM me. Thanks!
  21. Walther MPK and MPL Presample send me your email please.
  22. WTS: RIA M60E6 $62,000

    For sale R.I.A. M60E6. Completely rebuilt by Desert Ordnance. Has not been fired since rebuild. Not just a kit installed on an old M60. Currently on a form 4 in PA. Have references available. Can be made available for inspection. Preferred payment of $62,000 in USPS money orders. Half and half deal possible. Shipping and forms paid by buyer.
  23. is thecolt parts kit and the m14 bolt still available if so iwill buy them also thanks
  24. Trying to finish a IRAC manufacture from the 1980s, Aluminum display receiver to buid a display USMC E3 M60 model that is all correct E3 parts. WTB - PM me if you have them and what you could take on price please. M60E3 Front Sling Swivel that mounts on the gas tube with the bipod and front grip assembly. M60E3 Top cover Feed Lever with the retaining clip M60E3 Top cover Cam M60E3 Front sight (just the sight that mounts on the post) M60E3 Rear Sight Thank you for the help!
  25. 1-1928 COLT marked 7.65 ARG. Kit AA/optic sight brackets; mixed numbers; missing grip panels and rear sight ladder; very good condition; $1500.00 2 -1917a1 DLO registered side plate, ready to install; $12k 3- Reising; .45; C+R; Numrich Military build on commercial numbered receiver; excellent wood; all correct military parts; 99% park; military mag; tested $5000 4-Gwinn "Bushmaster"; marked "S.M.G.; 223: excellent condition w/98% original finish; uses AR mags $9.5k 5-C+R 1919A4; Saginaw Gear; 30-06; reparked and pristine, beautiful; $25k 6-Vickers; Registered Colt aircraft complete receiver; jacket disassembled from receiver and is screwed on but not sealed; receiver and jacket rebelled; internals mix of US and Aussie; complete restored tripod; all parts parts included for complete gun; $17k 7-1918 BAR; Marlin-Rockwell; .30-06; 1944 dated barrel with excellent bore; superb restoration; gorgeous and 100% perfect appropriate bluing; and wood; all correct 1918 parts; many mags; extra set of excellent carefully refinished wood $32K
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