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  2. Selling Firearms Reference Data

    1,773 pages!!! Tony
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  4. I have for sale as shown in pics a very Nice Colt AR15 9mm Semi Auto Bolt Assembly. Bolt is in Excellent Condition and Ready to Drop in. $125.00 + Shipping I will get you actual Shipping I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a gift, Friends and Family) First "Ill take it" gets it followed by a PM to me, with your name and shipping address. You may contact me directly at Way Faster, because i don't check here maybe two times a week. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  5. no it does not price is a pretty big rebate in itself
  6. WTS/FN 5.7x28 Pistol BLACK

    Does it qualify for the rebate?
  7. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    pm sent with friends #
  8. . WTS MSAR StG 5.56 / Steyr AUG magazines .... 10rd and 20rd . MSAR 20rd .... fit and function in my Steyr AUG .... ^^^ Perfect for shooting off a bench or shooting prone ^^^ Brand new mags ....... One 10rd and Two 20rd Mags ...... take all 3 mags for $85 shipped. ____________________________ . Payment Options......... Discreet Paypal +3% [ Preferred ] Required within 24 Hours Or US Postal Money Order Required within 5 days Please email me directly at No PM's When you email me ....tell me HOW you wish you Pay....... either Discreet Paypal or a US Postal Money Order .... this speeds things up a bit. Thanks for Looking Buddy ___________________________________________________________
  9. Hello, I would be interested in some of your collection, a friend sent the link to me so I just registered an account so I could reply Please let me know if I am surpose to give you my name and number or if you just reply to my email. Thanks for your time.
  10. M11 9mm Build

    Hello Im wanting to build a M11 in 9mm or 45acp smg and need parts kit, plates, basically everything. Anyone have anything? Thanks
  11. Yesterday
  12. SWD M11/9 NIB

    Will $7500 shipped buy it? If so, send me payment info to and we’ll overnight funds.
  13. SWD M11/9 NIB

    Give me a call 773 677 4299 cell or home 772 335 8318 Jim Dillon interesred in M11
  14. Ar Parts lot. Magpul stock is not complete. Still looking for parts, 1 ar15 +1 ar 10 charging handle ,2 buffers, 7 grips, 1 handguard, flip up front sight, 75 shipped
  15. Parts good for making a display gun, see photos. Included parts: 1928A1 Nice smooth barrel, threaded - Demilled. 1928/A1Cutt's Comp-No bullet logo, not common-rough finish. 1928/a1 straight forend with mounting bar and screw. 20 round magazine, marked "Auto Ordnance Corp, Bidgeport CT" - Like new finish - Demilled - not shown in photos. $250 shipped.
  16. 2 HK Lowers, 1 pack(not sure if complete, other misc parts. 115 shipped. paypal ok
  17. Posting for a client. For sale U S. Model 1898 Krag-Jorgensen Bowie Knife Bayonet. Excellent condition. One sold on Rock Island Auctions for $2300. This one seems to be in better condition than the one sold on RIA. $2500 plus shipping and Insurance. WMEM Inc. Lakeside, AZ
  18. Yes Sir, It is still looking for a Great Home. I will send you a PM
  19. SWD M11/9 NIB

  20. H&K 730901LE-A5 P30 LEM LE 3/15 9mm 3.86" V1 This model is a commercial Law Enforcement package, which includes three top capacity magazines and installed Night Sights. 661.
  21. HK P30 V1 9mm 730901L-A5 LEM 619.
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