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  2. Sold my transferable 60’s so the support parts need to go and are as listed below. Making room for other ongoing projects and just looking to clear out my 60 parts collection. I have been a detail-oriented individual collector so most if not all my items as listed are in excellent to NOS condition and are as noted below. Pics available on request, and shipping included in the listed price. I accept multiple payment options but do not accept credit cards. Preferable payment options are USPS MO’s, Personal/Company Checks (will hold to clear), and Discrete paypal gift. I’ll keep updating the add as items sell so if you see it listed with a price its still for sale. Thanks for looking and all NFA rules apply!! Open to reasonable offers (don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours). Parts Kits -(Qty 2 Available) M60 E3 NOS Long Barrel E3 Complete Parts kit - $3250 Shipped -M60 E4 Parts kit with Railed Top Cover (No Barrel Included) - $4000 Shipped -Extremely Rare M60 E6 Parts Kit with Saudi Royal Guard marked top cover and correct E6 Barrel - $6800 Shipped Individual Parts -Saco Defense NOS Trunnion stamped Saco ME - $2800 Shipped -Current Mil-Spec Manufacturer E3-E6 NOS Trunnion - $1500 Shipped -(Qty 2 Available) M60 E1 NOS Stripped Barrels (Ready to build and Run) - $400 Shipped Each -(Qty 2 Available) Complete Rear Mil-Spec FA Back Halves - $1650 Shipped Each -NIW M60 E1 Buttstock (sealed in 1992 per wrapper) -$300 Shipped -Extremely Rare M60 E4 Mod 0 Railed Forearm (Factory) - $500 Shipped -NOS M60 E4 Mod 1 Railed Forearm - $500 Shipped -(Qty 15 Available) New M60 E3 Recoil Springs - $ 20 Shipped Each -M60 Receiver Gauge Stretch Kit - $250 Shipped -NOS M60 E3 Complete Long Barrel - $800 Shipped -(Qty 4 Available) Complete Bolts - $500 shipped Each -(Qty 4 Available) NOS Stripped Bolts (Some still in Wrapper or with Paint Marks) - $400 Shipped Each -(Qty 4 Available) M60 Hydraulic Buffers (2 still in Mil Spec Wrappers) - $125 Shipped Each -(Qty 2 Available) M60 E1 NIW Gas Pistons - $40 Shipped Each -(Qty 4 Available) M60 E3-E6 Gas Tubes (Chrome Lined Mil-Spec) - $225 Shipped Each -(Qty 4 Available) NOS M60 E3 Recoil Rods - $45 Shipped Each -(Qty 3 Available) NOS M60 E3 Top Cover Feed Cam Arms - $200 Shipped Each -(Qty 2 Available) NIW M60 E3 Op Rods - $ 385 Shipped Each -M60E3 Complete Top Cover (New Condition with take down pin and spring) - $950 Shipped -M60 Top Cover New Replacement Rubber Cheek Piece - $10 -M60 E3 Replacement Top Cover Tin with Rivet Kit - $ 100 Shipped -M60 E3 Replacement Top Cover Tin - $85 Shipped -M60 Black Carry Sling - $2 Shipped -M60 Forward Tripod Platform Pintle Mount with small Pintle and Elevation Lock - $150 Shipped -M60 Gooseneck Pintle Mount - $85 Shipped -M60 Combination Tool/Gas Wrench - $5 Shipped -M60 Bolt Ejector/Extractor Assembly/Disassembly tool - $75 Shipped -(Quantity 3) M60 Pintle Mount Pin - $10 Shipped Each -(Qty 6 Available) M60 E1-E4 Trigger Group Flat Retainer Springs - $ 10 Shipped Each -(Qty 8 Available) M60 Top Cover Hinge Pin Springs - $ 10 Shipped Each -(Qty 4 Available) M60 Hinge Pin Sets - $35 Shipped Each -(Qty 2 Available) M60 Male Only Hing Pin (1/2 of a set) - $10 Shipped Each -(Qty 3 Available) M60 Triggers NOS with Springs - $40 Shipped Each -(Qty 8 Available) M60 Capco Ammo Boxes - $50 Shipped Each -(Qty 10 Available) M60 Bolt Ejector/Barrel Latch Roll Pin - $1 Shipped Each -M60 E3 NOS Sling Swivel - $50 Shipped -M60 Feed Chute Mounting Plate - $25 Shipped -(Qty 12 Available) NOS Barrel Latch Levers - $25 Shipped Each -(Qty 9 Available) M60 Sears - $50 Shipped Each -(Qty 3 Available) M60 Mil-Spec Rivet Kits - $50 Shipped Each -(Qty 2 Available) M60 E3 Barrel Handle Latch (includes latch, Detent, Sping, Roll Pin) - $50 Shipped Each -(Qty 4 Available) M60 E3 Barrel Handle Detent Springs - $1 Shipped Each -M60 E3 Barrel Handle Detent (Extremely Small Detent) - $2 Shipped -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 Feed Tray Cartridge Roller Shaft - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 Buffer Yoke NOS - $75 Shipped Each -M60 E4 “FAT” Gas System - $125 Shipped -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 Standard Armament LH Gun End Feed Chute Mount - $10 Shipped Each -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 Charging Handle Stops - $15 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 Charging Handle Stop Springs - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 5 Available) M60 Trigger Group Sear Pins - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 E3 Top Cover Spring Lever Clip (hard to find) - $45 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 E1 Top Cover Spring Lever Clip - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 16 Available) M60 Trigger Group Springs - $2 Shipped Each -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 Trigger Group Plungers - $5 Shipped Each -(Quantity 6 Available) M60 Barrel Latch Springs - $10 Shipped Each -(Quantity 5 Available) M60 Barrel Latch Retainer Ring - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 Barrel Latch Ring Roll Pin - $2 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 Op Rod Roller Shaft - $15 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 Op Rod Shaft Roller - $10 Shipped Each -(Quantity 8 Available) M60 Sear Springs - $2 Shipped Each -(Quantity 8 Available) M60 Sear Spring Plunger - $5 Shipped Each -M60E3 NIW Bipod Pivot Head Assembly - $65 Shipped -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 Charging Handle Guides - $50 Shipped Each -(Quantity 6 Available) M60 Charging Handle Guide Screw w/retaining washer - $5 shipped Each -(Quantity 8 Available) M60 Rear Bolt Roller/Cam Actuator Assembly - $65 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 Rear Bolt Plug with Roll Pin - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 Firing Pins - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 5 Available) M60 Firing Pin Springs - $6 Shipped Each -(Quantity 5 Available) M60 Firing Pin Bearing - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2 Available) M60E3 Trigger Guard - $75 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60E3 Gas Pistons - $50 Shipped Each -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 E3/E4 Gas Assembly - $100 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 E3/E4 Stripped Gas System Housing in the white - $25 Each Shipped -(Quantity 2 Available) M60 E3 Flash Hider and crush washer NOS – $60 Shipped Each -M60 NOS Top Cover Cartridge Guide Set (NOS Both Front/Rear) - $125 Shipped -M60 NOS Top Cover Feed Pawl Assm - $100 Shipped -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 Receiver Rear T&E plate - $30 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 Rear Receiver Bridges - $60 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 Feed Cam Return Spring - $6 Shipped Each -(Quantity 4 Available) M60 E3 Front Sight Posts - $15 Shipped Each -(Quantity 3 Available) M60 E3 Trigger Group 2 Piece Safety Sets - $75 Shipped Each -(Quantity 12 Available) M60 USGI Mil Spec Extractors - $35 Shipped Each -M60 E4/E6 Feed Hanger Small Screw/Bolt Set - $25 Shipped -(Quantity 8 Available) M60 Extractor Spring/Detent Set - $15 Shipped Each -(Quantity 7 Available) M60 Ejectors - $8 Shipped Each -(Quantity 5 Available) M60 Ejector Springs - $2 Shipped Each -M60 Feed Tray Cartridge Roller Set - $20 Shipped -(Quantity 3) M60 Feed Tray Belt Pawl - $20 Shipped Each -(Quantity 2) M60 Feed Tray Belt Pawl Spring - $4 Shipped Each
  3. Today

    Tom, I still have #201, I will try to give you a call. Thanks
  5. GEMTEC, need to know

    I own a GEMTECH MULTI MOUNT 9mm suppressor. it has female 5/8 threads in the removable endcap. I have sent several e-mails to them trying to get info and get NO replies at all. I would like to have an endcap with the barrel nut for an UZI and maybe another for the Hk- 3 lug. Are they still in operation? is it possible to get these from some other source? any and all information will be put to good use so PLEASE let me know what you can. CHEERS MIKE!
  6. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    THUMPY, NO WORRIES ! glad to do so. I wish EVERYONE could have or better yet STILL could have the chance I did. those 5/6 basement guys gained not one dime for planting the seed then taking me under the wing until they passed on. since then, I have dedicated my life trying to share / help others the same way. I don't always get it exactly right, the head not working so well at times. a few have not taken it so well because it hurt a transaction or I missed a detail or 2 . fact is, if I didn't do it myself and know that's how it went , I keep quiet even if I think I'm close and am forced to let some things go. CHEERS FOR YOUR EFFORTS AND DRIVE, keep it up. its always better to ask b-4 you leap if you can. in some cases one cant wait the deal is too good so its best to learn as much as you can. be care full and try to stay focused on your main interests, don't let a low price create a situation you know nothing about and you should be good to go. all those fantastic treasures sold at auction the past 2 years has used up most of the fluid cash so many things are not selling for the numbers they brought. I'm losing sleep over several lots at the last Rock Island auction, I let go. Brass Browning belt loaders in the chest -$450 , Colt stainless 1911's $450 and many others.
  7. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    I'm sure that's ok, would believe he doesn't mind the assist. information is GOLD and it helped get the job done didn't it?
  8. Help with whether Trijicon is real or fake?

    Fake. Back irons should be offset. Knobs look all wrong. Always look for jesus also
  9. WTS NORRELL 10/22 16,000

    Price adjustment to 16,000
  10. It is a fake. For one thing, a real ACOG would have the Trijicon name and ACOG cast into the housing rather than printed onto it. The A.R.M.S. #19 mount appears to be a fake as well.
  11. "I'd rather hustle 24/7 rather than slave away 9 to 5."

    "God does not choose perfect men. He chooses men perfect for the job."
  13. H&R Reising M50 .45 ACP C&R

    "Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto." Sheriff Dave Clarke
  14. "How good or bad other people are is their own business. Focus on your own business instead."
  15. This came in on a gun, and I cannot find whether it is factory, or a very quality con. Any help appreciated.
  16. Still available- sorry I have been on vacation. If I hadn’t responded to you please try me back. Thanks!
  17. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    Haha mike some times it seems like that lol I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately I remember the prices I saw on them in middle school and high school and the prices they are now and Ik deep down I need to hurry up and buy them because if I don’t in 5-10 years I’ll be kicking my self saying you could of saved thousands buying them early lol. And thank you Mike for your time and knowledge you sir are a box treasure it seems like with all the info/experience you are able to give me every time I ask something I’m truly grateful for all the help/advice you’ve given me in the last few months....
  18. Same my friend in till I’m lifeless and my bolt is locked back on a empty mag.... my firearms are my property I rightfully own. No man whom walks this earth will take them away from me...
  19. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    wow, that was fast. I will be sending you payment #2. sorry for this happening on your post.
  20. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    X50, in the mail this AM was an approved form 4 trans to a dealer I mailed 5/19/2019 ! (YEA) IT WAS APPROVED JULY 6 2019. that's a record for me, maybe things are looking up?
  21. Price reduction & bump to top. Hope everyone's barbecuing and cherishing the summer! Have a fun safe weekend peeps.
  22. Any M120 120mm mortar for sale?

    Looking for any M120 Mortars or parts to include base plate, tube, cup etc. Thanks jason
  23. Yesterday
  25. New in the box, never mounted on a gun. Complete with leather/red velvet caps, instruction manual, and lens cleaning cloth. Own a piece of history seldom encountered in this pristine condition. $ 625.00 includes USPS ground shipping with adult signature delivery confirmation to the lower 48 states.
  26. 1988 production bought from original owner Colt King Cobra stainless steel in excellent condition. Comes with original box and paperwork. $1,950 Shipped to FFL. USPS MO or Discreet PayPal F&F Funds must clear before shipping. Post "I'll take it here" and follow up with PM. Location is Northeast Oklahoma Earliest time and date of reply or pm will determine buyer - if more than one buyer received. I do have feedback on other gun forums at request. [/url]
  27. This is a M60 Dummy gun made using real USGI surplus parts. This is exactly how I received it. The following are USGI , complete, and fully functional - Barrel Assembly - Charging handle - Charging handle guide - Trigger Group - Feed Tray - Ammo Hanger - Top Cover - Handguard - Barrel latch set - Rear Sight - Carry handle - buttstock The receiver is one solid piece which I believe is plastic or some type of composite material. It is marked IRAC 191 (international replica arms company). I am not sure when this gun was made but it was in with a pile of other very very old items. More photos can be provided upon request. PRICE - $4,250 Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
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