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  2. If the gun is currently owned/registered to a FFL/SOT it would transfer to you FFL (assuming your FFL is also an SOT) on a tax free Form 3. What form it transferred to the current owner on is irrelevant as to how it will transfer to your FFL. As example if the gun had transferred to the current owner on a Form 3 and then he gave up his SOT last year, it would need to go to your FFL on a tax paid Form 4. Conversely (and what appears to be your case) the current owner acquired it on a tax paid Form 4, either because he didnt have an FFL/SOT at the time or he bought it locally from the previous owner who was also not a FFL/SOT. (Form 3s are only for transfers when both the transferee and transferor are both FFL/SOTs.) So it would be Out of State FFL/SOT -> Form 3 to your FFL/SOT -> Tax Paid Form 4 to your Gun Trust. Your other example, assuming you get a C&R FFL and the gun in question is C&R eligible would be for the current FFL/SOT to transfer the gun directly to you via a tax paid Form 4. You would then transfer the gun from yourself (as an C&R Licensed Individual) to your Gun Trust via another Tax Paid Form 4. My personal take is the best option is to have the current FFL/SOT owner E-Form 3 it to your FFL/SOT which is going to take probably less than a week and then transfer it to your Gun Trust directly via a Form 4 which is going to take 8 to 12 months. Plus you will get the gun to you locally at your FFL for you to inspect, etc. in days vs. months. vs. paying for the gun now and not seeing it for up to a year. The other C&R license direct Form 4 option is going to take pretty much just as long as that initial out of State Form 4 to your C&R license will take 8 to 12 months and have you pay two transfer taxes in the process to bounce it through you first and then to your Gun Trust. I guess technically this option may save you a few days not waiting on a Form 3 to clear. However if I had the choice of waiting 1 week for the Form 3 to my local dealer and then 10 months to me....or.... leaving the gun with the seller for 10 months waiting a C&R eligible Form 4 transfer to me, I always want to get the gun to my dealer ASAP who I trust and where I can inspect the gun for issues right away vs finding out about a problem January next year. Hope this helps.
  3. Ok. 5 days after no payment and lack of communication. Stock is fo sale again. Thanks
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  5. Like new Slow fire, side cocking, upper, Lage Max-11 MK2 for the M11-9 series. 9mm, takes stick mags. Sells new for $759 but backordered. $675 shipped e-mail only
  6. HK G3A3 with Fleming HK Sear, SEF, Dyer, Excellent

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  7. HK, MP5A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Excellent, Dyer

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  8. M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Excellent

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  9. MP5, Double Push Pin, Fleming/Dyer

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  10. Colt 1921AC with Drum

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  11. C&R, Reising, M50, .45 ACP

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  12. Maybe it was the greasy chicken that stupid bastard was eating a few weeks ago, trying to humiliate AG Barr. The miserable little prick as taken to hospital. We can only hope this miserable POS dies slowly, but positively, and soon. Too bad he can't take ol' sandbag boobs Pelosi , Mud Face wack a doodle Waters, and Cory "I'm not gay" Booker with him!! R.L.
  13. Unfortunately, I agree. The radical libtards that want to commit violence like the Bolsheviks did against conservative Americans, and American values. I say give em what they "think' they want and get it over with. No mercy, head shots and toss em in a trench in an unmarked grave. They deserve no better. Traitors were shot during WW2, I say let's bring that penalty back, no pleas. This mentality or the lack thereof is NOT gonna go away, and it's just a matter of time before some wanna b fag-wad commie with a weapon starts it, or possibly the deep state starts it with another false flag operation. God knows they've tried a number of times already unsuccessfully. Las Vegas was supposed to be the one. Glad it failed. Once the popular consensus of decent, Patriotic, armed, trained, conservative Americans crosses that line, and takes up arms against these communist traitors, it's over for these Trotsky turds! I only hope I live long enough to see things turn around. R.L.
  14. Demo ghey-wads just can't get over themselves...

    There's no getting away from them. They breed like cockroaches and ruin everything they touch. The Socialist Communist Party has completely infuriated our Country and the Propaganda machine can only be stopped by Civil War II and the world economic Depression ...
  15. I have one IMI kit for sale, Includes Bolt, recoil rod and spring, Chrome lined SMG barrel and 1-16 round IMI Magazine. Need $1495 for it plus shipping. Photos on request via smart phone. 314-703-9710
  16. WTB: Bergmann MP35 parts kit.

    Wanted; Bergmann MP35, MP35/i parts kit, Or any loose MP 35 parts. Thank you, Red
  17. Brand new in box M249 SAW stock. $150 plus $12 priority mail shipping. Paypal or money order Several Available
  18. Looking for a PTR-100 GI in South Carolina

    You go by Dalegribble2009 on some of the other boards correct?
  19. Looking for a PTR-100 GI in South Carolina

    There was one on Carolinas Firearms forum. Not sure if it sold yet but was like $850.
  20. Wanted to buy nice German MG34 parts kit , matching preferred but not a deal breaker, looking for barrels, gunners kit, any accessories. loader, mounts, tools,etc,. Price and condition, pics, cash on hand. email Direct only please or call 828 773-1938
  21. A few days ago I received an email from claiming to have 12 SR25 mags for sale at $50 a piece. I figured that they got my email from an ad that I had answered 3 years ago from another member with the same item. Three years ago , I placed my email address in the thread for the seller to contact me because I wasn’t sure how to message him at the time. I believe that’s where the fraudster obtained my email address and knew of my interest in the mags. The fraudster has been spoken about before on here. I was asked to remit a money order with tracking. to Christine Czerniak 5080 W. 800 S. North Judson Indiana 46366 or to send payment to JavienaMeans at . This person is obviously still targeting the firearms community. Be careful.
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