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  2. Japanese Type 11 transferable $10750

    Do you have extra parts I need a couple of things
  3. Here is a list of the Machine Guns I have available. I have video's of most of these Machine Guns shooting. So you know they work. I am Thomas Stewart and I have been in the Machine Gun Business for 19 years now. let me know which ones you need pictures on. I do E file so these will transfer to you Quick. 602-763-8867 or Thanks Buddy Inland Mint like new 1919A4 with tripod 18.5K 08 Maxim Great condition works great. with Tripod 18.5K MG-42 Mint 53K W.H. M1A1 Thompson Mint It is like new 18.5K PRE 86 Dealer keeper Samples: MG-34 D.S. nice 12.0K MP-28 II G Condition Dealer Sample Pre-86 8.5K MP-34 G Condition Dealer Sample Pre 86 8.5K Incoming NFA Items: Incoming M3 Grease Gun Original Finish 24.5K Incoming AK 47 Norinco 26K Incoming Mini UZi 18K Incoming M2 Plainfield folder 8K Norell 10 22 made up like a Mini 15K
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  5. Norrell Registered DIAS & AR15 SP1 For Sale

    Thursday bump and price drop on the SP1. We are interested in selling these items, not making them a permanent part of our inventory.
  7. Maxim MXM47803 PDX AR Pistol 5.56 1879. FACEBOOK
  9. Just remember, if enough people had not voted in 2016, we would be in our third year of the alternative.
  10. WTS: REDUCED: SEECAMP Model LWS .380 Pistol as NEW $750 shipped

    BEST of the BEST
  11. Jersey Arms Works Inc. S.W.D. M10 .45ACP Submachinegun

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  13. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Well said Mike. The employee at the "big box" store could care less if he is not working on commission, which is over 90% of them.
  14. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Mike, thanks for the information, it is encouraging for those in the business.
  15. MR762 SD supressor

    This is the OSS MR762SD (dual module/over the barrel supressor) made and designed for the MR for the CSASS trials. Obviously this was a short lived design but showed the engineering concept behind OSS and a totally new supressor design. I sold my MR and this just sits lonely in the safe, I never fired it on my MR. Due to the NFA process it will be a Florida sale otherwise it would be a 2 stamp transaction. I will pay the stamp for you and submit the form 4 after you supply your 2 sets of pictures/prints and wait patiently for the stamp fairy to deliver, then the supressor transfers to you. $700 for this legacy OSS and the fact you will now have an MR762SD. More pics on request, PM me if you have any questions. bviou
  16. Suppressor for Swedish K

    I believe Tom Denall in Oregon made integral suppressors for the Swedish K in the past. I don't think he has a website, but the last contact info I saw for him was: Tom Denall - T.D. Manufacturing LLC Specialties: Class 2 P.O.Box 7919 Bend, OR 97708 Phone: (541) 389-6054 E-mail:
  17. First I'll take it gets it. Items are x posted. Located in Knoxville tn if want to pick up locally. Got 5 Israeli made galil 50 round mags up for grabs. 3 are paint over park. The right two are parkerized and are in mint condition. The painted mags have some storage wear and the far right mag has some dents on the left side that do not affect function. Followers move up and down freely on all mags. Followers and locking lugs have no wear so I'm 99% sure these are all unissued. The white residue on the second mag was from a sticker and wiped right off after I took the pics. Price is $140 each plus shipping. Or take the remaining 4 for $515 shipped. (SOLD)$115 plus shipping for the far left one with the left one with the cosmetic dents. (SOLD) Payment to be made by zelle, cashapp or venmo. Absolutely no paypal.
  18. Paddle Style Extended Mag Release - EMR - $39.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  19. Looking for FN M249s prefer NIB Para will consider standard in FDE cash on hand anywhere Arizona I will travel and I'm based in Payson. Also have FN FS2000 OD NIB, Five-seveN OD NIB and many P7K3 all types most NIB part trade / trade or all cash for M249s
  20. NIB FN M249S 7999.00

    I would like to talk to you about this gun. Email me your phone number. 07/02 since 1983
  21. Suppressor for Swedish K

    INTEGRAL? custom project ! nothing too serious. I have never looked at a Wilson K tube gun and how they were built
  22. People Are Not Buying Guns

    I JUST RECIEVED DATA from the SOUTHWICK ASSOCIATES REPORT. and overall money spent in the shooting sports industry is up by more than 11% over the past year. YES ammunition and "some" firearms are down. but the increases in traditional and collector category's cancelled all the loss and was in part responsible for the 11% growth another portion came from folks improving what the already own with more acc and better optics etc. all this was in spite of all the DAMAGE the "BLUE BOOK OF VALUES" is still actively contributing. let's all close our eyes and imagine the "typical" 200 table gun show. every Winchester 94 no matter the physical proof is in excellent condition and priced EXACTLY THE SAME. every S+W 66 4" is excellent and priced the same, every 870 rem is priced the same etc. the only variation is priced $50 higher, because " I really don't care if I sell it or not" and the only reason you managed to get that response was he was completely bored out of his mind, just thought he might try and pick up a few extra bucks this month. WHY MUST WE APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING SOMEONE AND ASKING A QUESTION OR IS IT IN STOCK? tell me the last time you were treated like an actual customer at CABELLA'S or most ANY gun store by an employee working there longer than 3 weeks? it used to a fact in the trade the only time you were insulted was looking at a firearm in the pawn shop quarter and you went in ready for combat. now when the buzzer rings at the front door most of the time you will only get a dirty look and folks think they still have the right to complain about the LACK OF BUSINESS? YES, I KNOW, there ARE a FEW good ones out there, but they are an exception not the RULE. 1 lets all try to get a bit better and work on the nice,our only enemy's out there are ALL the politicians. NOT SOME, ALL
  23. WTS SVT Literature- 1952 US Ordnance Corps Manual Soviet Rifles and Carbines . 8 1/2 x 11 ...... 53 pages ....... dated May 1953 ..... Covers Mosin Nagants and SVT rifles...... Also included ... 6 xerox reports on the SVT's ...... plus an early 60's American Rifleman magazine showing an SVT ad selling for $49.95 ! ! . Complete Set ..... $70 shipped Two sets available ........ . _________________________________________________________ . More SVT Literature....... SVT manual printed in both English and original Cyrillic ..... 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 ......141 pages English w/ photos Waffen Revue ..... SVT .... 16 pages w/ photos Gun Digest 1952 .... Soviet Weapons ....... 8 pages 4 xerox reports on the SVT ...... Plus an early 60's American Rifleman magazine showing at SVT ad selling for $49.95 ! ! . All 4 books ...... $98 shipped . . ____________________________ . Payment Options....... Discreet Paypal +3% [ Preferred ] Required within 24 Hours Or US Postal Money Order Capital One .. Bank of America or Chase Bank Cashiers Check Required within 5 days . Please email me directly at No PM's When you email me ....tell me HOW you wish you Pay....... either Discreet Paypal or a US Postal Money Order ...... this speeds things up a bit. Thanks for Looking Buddy ___________________________________________________________ .
  24. WTB: 5.56 Tracer

    I have some Lake City mil surp. PM sent
  25. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    Please contact me by phone 704-517-4616 my cell or email. Thanks, Michael
  26. ttt-Our kits come with (2)Factory Magazines unlike others.
  27. I had a pm requesting these pics.
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