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    Mike, do the 4473 with his new address, and when that is approved, he should send in a 5320 to the batf notifying them of a permanent move.

    this week I received an approved form 4 to transfer a VICKERS to an out of state dealer that had been pending quite a while. when I advised the buyer it had approved and I planned to ship it soon, he replied that the transferee on my form and just moved (couple blocks same name/ city/state) and to ship it too the NEW ADDRESS ! what is the proper procedure in that case? he did overnight a signed in ink copy of the license with the new destination. everything is the same but the actual address. do I need something in writing from ATF? with all the LONG transfer times I'm sure this has happened a few time's the last 3 years or so. THOUGHTS? thanx mike
  4. Pre 86 sample MG's - Mauser 712,FAL, 56, 49/57

    Zastava Model 56 pre 86 sample SMG 7.62 x 25 - $5950. Zastava Yugo 49/57 SMG 7.62 x 25 pre 86 sample - $6950. SLR Australian FAL L2A1 7.62mm .308 pre 86 sample - $7450. Mauser 712 Schnelfeuer machine pistol pre 86 sample- $6500.
  5. If you have one of these I could use it. Pictures below. It is the rear Mount for the 08 Maxim on a Swiss tripod. Tom Stewart 602-763-8867
  6. Subcpo, All 9 Original NEW Factory FN MAG 20rd Steel FN Metric Black Magazines in packaging are yours, will send you PM. Thanks, Rodney
  7. I'm listing this for a friend, looking to move an Original finish M1 Bridgeport Thompson great shooter. Upper and lower match Owner registered this back in 68. Not much finish left but all original. I will handle the paper work for you. 18K Thomas Stewart 602-763-8867
  8. Help selling an M16 and Shrike conversion

    Aren, Thanks for the reply. It is an Ordinance Design Co., early 3 digit serial number. Bill
  9. WTS:FNC Scope Mount- $80(pics)

  10. WTS: Vz58 Stock Adapters 5 Types $50

  11. WTB: M63 tripod for M2HB

    Looking for M2HB M63 Tripod located in Florida or can pickup at Knobb Creek.
  12. Fully Updated with recent purchases
  13. Dozens of no letter post samples $900 and up

    AK's gone Glock gone HK Packs gone Uzi's gone
  14. PM Sent. Ill take a rivet kit.
  15. Is the subguns boards down

    The Vegans are Attacking! The broccoli and brussel sprouts have taken down the The Vile carnivorous at Subguns....
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  17. Colt Thompson 1928 Navy MG C&R British Proofs

    Excellent original Colt Thompson Model 1928 Navy machine gun. Fully transferable. Will transfer on ATF Form 3 to dealers or directly to C&R FFLs on ATF Form 4 where permitted. Own a piece of history. Serial number is 4512. $39995.00 + $500.00 shipping.
  18. GEMTEC, need to know

    Sorry to hear that. I received great service from Gemtech last summer. They answered the phone when I called, fixed my Multimount suppressor in under a week and charged me next to nothing for the service. It's a shame that's no longer the case.
  19. Is the subguns boards down

  20. Yesterday
  21. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale

    Email sent

    Bump to top. Nice guns need new home before Morphy auction !!!! SAVE $ Now!
  23. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale

    Updated list still available Tracy
  24. WTB M30 4.2 mortar components.

    I have a set of demilled shock absorbers for the m30 mortar if you are still looking. 404 665 6411
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