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  2. WTB HK UMP 45 factory loader

    Looking for HK UMP 45 loader. All parts places sold out. E-mail to if you want to sell me one. THANKS!
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  4. We have 2 new mags available for the MPi 69 Steyr. I see these listed elsewhere for 50.00 each, so this should be a good deal for someone. $65 + $8 Priority shipping w/tracking #
  5. What is pictured is what we will ship you. One is the compensator with gas cuts & Big Threads and comes with a 1/2 X 28 adapter. The other one is installed in a HK K-Grip and has the Big Threads and NO gas cuts. The adapter can be used for either one. $30 + $8 Priority Mail shipping with Tracking # provided / PayPal Accepted!
  6. We have 6 good condition Sten mags that were converted to use in a Mac 11 9mm with the Sten conversion. We sold the M11 and these were left over. $55 + $8 priority mail shipping W/Tracking # provided. PayPal accepted
  7. Heckler & Koch Cleaning Stand kit MP5K 9mm HK53 .223 HK 91 .308 $29

    Just in time for Christmas, the ultimate HK receiver stand! We have a couple left in stock, ready to ship!
  8. WTS: Colt Bulldog 1877 Gatling 45-70 $45K OBO

    Here is a video of it in action
  9. .45-70 Government, S/N MACHINEGUNTOURS01. Adjustable sights. Included are 4 20-round loading blocks, tripod, three original type transit chests, complete set of additional hard plastic transit cases with custom foam cut to fit, original tools for assembly/disassembly. This incredible reproduction is chambered in the original .45-70 Govt. Caliber with a maximum firing rate of 100 rounds per minute. The Bulldog is equipped with a Bruce Feed Gravity Feed system (not a magazine) which holds 40 rounds in parallel and is fed with wooden feed blocks. The Bulldog has five 18 1/4 inch barrels which are fully enclosed in a cylindrical housing, with an overall length of 34 inches. The Bulldog was the first rear hand-cranked gun that Gatling ever produced. Every turn of the rear crank produces a complete revolution or the 5 barrel unit thus firing the gun 5 times. The spent cartridges are automatically ejected from the gun. At the rear of the gun there are adjustments for windage and elevation. The tripod mount includes beautiful brass and iron components, and legs of solid ash wood. The Bulldog weighs in at 135 pounds and the tripod weighs an additional 135 pounds. The purchaser has an option on several thousand rounds of 45-70 ammunition also including tracer and spent 45-70 cases
  10. Now that Virginia is Dark Blue...

    Thanks for the update. The eyes of the Nation are on VIRGINIA . These demo-rat commie bastards are openly trying to devalue and erode the meaning of our Constitution and the rights the framers wrote into this sacred document. WE CAN"T LET THEM SUCCEED!!!! EVERY MAN, WOMAN , every PATRIOT in this Nation.... needs to spread the word about what is going on in Virginia. Just like Buddy used to say, keep the light on the cockroaches, they hate the light of day and exposure. All of these commie bastards that are trying to take away our rights needs to be voted out of office and kicked to the curb. We can never have enough people involved guys, get out there get involved!!! R.L.
  11. Now that Virginia is Dark Blue...

    As of last night 60 counties out of I believe 95 in Virginia are 2a sanctuary counties so that’s about what 63% lots of country’s are having meanings I believe this week and next week lol I can easy see 75% of the state going 2a sanctuary’s get out to the meeting let them see the numbers
  12. I am looking to purchase a Colt M16 transferrable machinegun. I already have an M16A1 that has the grey park but am looking for one being a Colt M16, M16A1 or M16A2 with a black finish to match modern uppers. I really only need the lower receiver. This is not my first NFA purchase so I am familiar with the process and have my class 3 dealer lined up and ready to go. I also have funds available to make a purchase. What I am is a motivated buyer with experience, a particular want and experience. What I am not is a novice who will waste your time or a desperate buyer willing to pay more than the value of your item. If you are in love with your M16 then please keep it. If you want to sell your M16 then I am your buyer. I follow the sales trends on these and have been doing so for over 20 years. I see what has been listed and stays for sale and I see what sells and what it sells for. I'm not trying to be difficult here I just don't want to waste anyone's time or have anyone waste my time for that matter. Yes, I am new to this forum but I am not new to the firearms industry. I currently own a shop and have an 01 FFL. I am also not looking for an SP1 conversion or any other brand M16. I'm looking for a factory machine gun. Also, if yours looks like it has been beaten ad abused then I would not be interested in that either. I look forward to seeing what is out there and hopefully purchasing my next Machinegun.
  13. For quickest response, email me at I will be happy to email more detailed pictures and answer any questions.
  14. These stinkin' pieces of filth from india are trying to scam elder Americans now pretending to be AT&T/Directv. Just received a call which I was immediately suspicious of. They are utilizing lists of geographic prefixes of phone numbers similar to yours. This piece of dogsxit used a number with a 571 prefix and then 261 which is similar to my number. They do this to encourage you to pick up the phone since it might be from a friend or neighbor, since the prefix is the same. I answered so I could let this maggot know on what street corner I saw his mother selling her stinky ass and other related compliments.The number they used was for a 92 yo couple in Gainesville VA., not far from me. These are the people they prey upon. Older Americans. Beware guys. R.L.
  15. Looking for ALL anti-aircraft sights and mounting fixtures for the Japanese Type 92 (Lewis) machine gun. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  16. WTS: HK51 A3 SBR Sear Ready by Vollmer $4900

  17. WTS: HK MP5-F French Model Pre-86 Sample F3 free STURM Shirt

  18. WTS: Stemple 76/45

    Excellent condition Stemple 76/45 with threaded barrel and folding stock. $7,500 shipped. On form 3 ready for xfer. More pic's available upon request. Trade interests limited to other registered machine guns.
  19. Registered Lightning Link with Host and Extras - $17k plus stamps/shipping Form 4 in VA Includes: -KNS protector -2 bolts cut to LL specs -A bunch of extra paddles (varying thickness) -2 modified burst kits for select fire (one installed) -2 Modified hammers to avoid any trigger slap or impact with the link Host: AERO PEW lower with clearance cuts Spikes LPK Magpul stock Magpul grip T3 buffer JP tuned buffer spring 11.5” heavy upper cut for LL plenty of additional pics and info available
  20. M10A1, .45 ACP, Excellent

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  21. M16A1, SGW, Excellent

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  22. AK47, Fleming, Beautiful in Box

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  23. IMI, UZI, Pre-May Sales Sample, “Keeper”

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  24. M1A (M14) Springfield/Ron Smith Upgraded

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  25. IMI, Hard Times Armory Uzi

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  26. M2 Carbine, US GI, Standard Products & Rock Island

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