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  2. Transferable Micro & Mini IMI UZI Package BG Bolt

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  4. WTS transferable and Pre Dealer Samples

    There was a mistake on the paperwork it's taking forever sorry about that it is coming soon I promise
  5. EXODUS, while I feel your concern, at the same time I think one of the main things these sites offer is an opportunity for like minded people to come together and establish a trusting relationship so trades and transactions can be conducted with little fear. its a simple matter to check people out with others from the board and allow it to grow. yes it could be hard f0r a new member to get a start, but certainly worth the work. its been hard for me to adapt to this new world wide webb situation. I was used to looking in shotgun news, mailing funds and getting stuff. using another as a " GO BETWEEN" only widens the gap and builds no trust. for my own experience , one of the worst things that can happen in this atmosphere is the growth of "clics" that only support a few members. many moderators where /are guilty of that exact thing, and I am personally glad when one looses the power they abused in the past. just my thoughts on the subject, no worries here. mike
  6. WTS transferable and Pre Dealer Samples

    hello. wheres the reising 50??? been waiting!!! will it be advertised on this sight> very interested. thanks, Rodney. will it be blue or parked?
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  8. Bought a MG5a this month, need a couple parts for it. Looking for correct barrel lock spring, it’s unlike the 3 common ones from browning. also looking for this rear sight, attached is a picture of what it looks like. Thanks again, Aren
  9. WTS: Transferable Rock Island XM15

    What is the reduced price? Thanks
  10. am doing knob creek any intrest in 303 anm2 parts ...schnellfurer thanks
  11. Micro Uzi, Post Sample, Excellent +

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  12. HK German HK53A3 Parts Kit - Like New Condition This is a rare opportunity as the HK53 is now out of production. This is a very rare and desirable parts kit new straight from HK Germany. Like new Condition with Slight Cosmetic Blemishes Includes all the latest upgrades and desirable options. A3 retractable stock 0-1-25 SEF lower 1/7 twist factory cold hammer forged German barrel with factory 4-prong flash hider All parts included minus the receiver included Price: $3,499.95 You can call us at 801-987-3494 if you have any questions or to place an order.
  13. I am looking for these Post samples that i have on a current demo letter. maybe a few others and i can get a letter for that no problem. What i am wanting to discuss is HK G36C HK MP5SD any variant FN Scar 16 Auto CZ Scorpion A1 ( yes i know they are 1500 from CZ USA but wait time is crazy long. so i will pay a premium for one not to wait) American 180 Maybe a FNH p90 Cobray M11 9mm I have a HK UMP40 for trade thats on a form 5 at a PD i bought it from. Thanks Message me here or Email to Goldandsilver4you AT Hotmail . com
  14. A few new weldments and parts for your HK21E/HK23E feed trays. Complete trays are specific to the 21E however the unfinished parts can be used for both the 21E and 23E. HK21E HK23E WELDMENT FOR FEED TRAY, PIN GUIDE $14.95 HK21E HK23E WELDMENT FOR FEED TRAY, CATCH PIECE $19.95 HK21E HK23E CARTRIDGE GUIDE, UNFINISHED, INCOMPLETE $49.95 HK21E HK23E UNFINISHED CARTRIDGE GUIDE WITH WELDMENTS $99.95 HK21E CARTRIDGE GUIDE NEW, COMPLETE $449.95 Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 facebook: Web:
  15. WTB : MP30 Parts

    Looking for the trigger guard with the safety in it plus fire control parts, other parts and/or a parts kit.
  16. DLO ANM2 (MG-40) Colt Machine Gun. Fully transferable on form 4 in Indiana. Refinished in Manganese parkerizing. No rear sight. Gun and 8mm and 30/06 barrel only . 19,500.00 plus taxes and shipping.. no trades.. priced to sell. This gun uses both metallic and cloth belts. NRA(noSPAM) for questions. Yes, you may come and visit as it is quite a investment.
  17. HK53K with Fleming Sear, Excellent, Dyer

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  18. Reising M50, SBPD, Excellent with Case

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  19. IMI, Uzi, Pre-May, “Keeper” Excellent

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