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  2. Post Sample SWD Mac-10 - $1,250

    POST-sample SWD Mac-10 in .45 (Letter Required) Excellent condition, 1 mag $1,250 + $20 shipping I also have KSG Tacticals available GM/FL (FFL/SOT) Email direct:
  3. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    I don't have one but would think that it would be to move the indicator out of the way when cleaning the barrel
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  5. Optics mount for Sig Amt

    What is the purpose of a hold open tool for the loaded chamber indicator? M
  6. WTS IMI UZI pistol in 9mm

    Still interested if available
  7. Glock 21 Gen 4 RMR TB

  8. Used in Excellent Condition is a SWD-M11/9 Sub-Machine Gun with Sten Magwell Conversion. Includes Factory Wire Stock with a Like-New Lage Max11/2 Slow Fire Upper Receiver. Also includes a New Unfired Bowers VERS9S Silencer with M11/9 Adapter, a Bowers Griptastic High Heat Silencer Cover and One (1) 30rd Sten Magazine. Form 3 for a Quick efile Transfer Florida Residents subject to 7% Sales Tax $9,850.00
  9. USED/VG CONDITION MAC-10/45 CALIBER BY JERSEY ARMS. Includes a Like-New/New Lage Slow-Fire Upper Receiver with a see through cocking knob, Lage Front Grip with Canted VFG, Lage Tactical Grip with Oversized Magazine Release, Lage oversized Safety Selector and a Lage Left-hand Folding Stock. All the Lage items look Like New and the Original Blueing on the Receiver looks in VG Condition despite it’s age. Also Includes: A New/Unfired Bowers VERS45 Suppressor that will thread/attach to both upper receivers, A Factory Standard Upper Receiver, a Burris Fast Fire Red Dot and (5)Blued Magazines (3)VG Condition & (2) VG Condition with a small area of minor surface rust on top back of two magazines. SMG & SUPPRESSOR are Registered on a Form 3 for a Quick efile Transfer Florida Residents Subject to 7% Sales Tax $9,950.00
  10. This is a very nice condition Thompson Bridgeport model 1928AC .45 caliber submachinegun transferable. This will come with the FBI case, one Crosby and one Bridgeport 50 round drum and four 30 round magazines, of which one is a Seymour, one a Bridgeport and the other two standard US. This is a rare variation with numbers matching on the upper and lower receivers. Price: $26,950 Information on the 1928AC Bridgeport: An interesting variation of the Auto-Ordnance, Bridgeport produced M1928A1 Thompson that has been observed, are those Thompsons that have had the U.S. designation ground off and the A1 mark overstamped to read AC. Many of the guns documented had been refurbished, and fitted with the smooth barrels and the “L” style fixed rear sight. Many, but certainly not all, of these guns so altered were in the 150,000 to 152,000 serial number range. A letter X was added as a suffix on the serial numbers of many of these guns. A few other examples of these “1928AC” Thompsons documented were fitted with the finned barrel and Lyman adjustable rear sight. A small number of these Thompsons had their original military horizontal foregrip replaced with the early style vertical foregrip. It is believed that these were guns that had been purchased from the government by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation and refurbished in order to be sold to law enforcement agencies after they were surplused. The Numrich Arms Corporation also removed U.S. markings from 1928 and 1928A1 model Thompsons they sold in the 1950’s. Interestingly, some of the AO “1928AC” overstamped Thompsons did not have Army Inspector of Ordnance (AIO) acceptance stamps on them, but were stamped with the Ordnance “wheel” acceptance mark. While other examples of these guns had no government inspector or acceptance stamps at all, suggesting that they were never inspected or accepted by the U.S. Government. Perhaps these guns were contract overruns or assembled from parts that remained after the government contracts were filled. However, no documentation could be located that could prove or disprove this theory. A Treasury Department IRS Form dated June 30, 1944 reveals that two Auto-Ordnance manufacture U.S. 1928A1 Thompsons with an X suffix added to the serial numbers were sold to a Massachusetts police department that year. The U.S. was ground off and the letter C over stamped on the 1 on both of the guns. Please note that the war didn’t end until the 15th of August 1945. All of the 1928 “AC” guns documented were originally manufactured by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation’s Bridgeport factory, and in almost every case had an AO prefixed serial numbered frame, although most of the frame/receiver numbers were mis-matched. The serial numbers located on the frames of these weapons also had the letter X added to them. ALL NFA rules apply. This is on a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms, very fast. Free and insured shipping within the 48 states. Payment via certified funds
  11. jbntex gave you great info. Given you want it to land in a trust, not much gain in getting the collector's license. Your status as a collector cannot be "loaned" to a trust so you don't even get the benefit of skipping the 5320.20 (permission slip) to move it interstate. Couple of other minor points from your questions - no prints are collected on a C&R license application so no need to spend the time and to answer your question about immediate shipping - no. Some dealers engage in shortcuts like not waiting for the transfer to be approved and claim an exemption for being a dealer but it's not a good idea, especially with a high $ item. It can be a painful flush if they get caught. Wait the extra few days (e-forms) or weeks (paper) for the F3 to be processed.
  12. MG's as an investment

    I agree mike with you completely I’ve had many grown men not belive me when I said I’m waiting on my tax stamp on my first transferable then when it got here I had many older men ask me how I did it I said basicly what you said i don’t drink I don’t do drugs I dont party I work 60-80hr a week so I can afford guns. I also at a verry young age realized I was going to be a law abiding citizen belive it or not the only thing on my record is a 1 mile an hr over speeding tick and that’s from getting pulled over on the way to go pick up my mg lol... I told the cop I’m sorry man but I just got approved for my first machinegun I got to go he just looked at me confused as all hell said sit tight witch was cool I understand thats his job to pull people over but shit man? 1 mile over coooooome on hahahahaha it’s okay tho I broke the law and he cought me I’m a man about it.
  13. Next mg

    Haha thanks man!!! And yup the family is going to continue to grow! Haha I’m thinking about adding a reising next because they can still be bought cheap. And I’m kinda planning on trying to buy all the cheaper mgs first befor I start chasing down the big boy ones I’m still on a kids budget haha. I’m open for suggestions on what you think my next one should be tho!?
  14. WTB: Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 Pistol

    A Patriot has been found! However, it is a railed version and I would still be interested in finding one with a carry handle upper.
  15. WTB: M60 stripped bolt

    Looking for an M60 stripped bolt, either NOS or very lightly used. Don't need one with a chipped left lug, I've already got one of those.
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