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  2. Fully Updated with recent purchases
  3. Dozens of no letter post samples $900 and up

    AK's gone Glock gone HK Packs gone Uzi's gone
  4. PM Sent. Ill take a rivet kit.
  5. Is the subguns boards down

    The Vegans are Attacking! The broccoli and brussel sprouts have taken down the The Vile carnivorous at Subguns....
  6. Colt Thompson 1928 Navy MG C&R British Proofs

    Excellent original Colt Thompson Model 1928 Navy machine gun. Fully transferable. Will transfer on ATF Form 3 to dealers or directly to C&R FFLs on ATF Form 4 where permitted. Own a piece of history. Serial number is 4512. $39995.00 + $500.00 shipping.
  7. Today
  8. GEMTEC, need to know

    Sorry to hear that. I received great service from Gemtech last summer. They answered the phone when I called, fixed my Multimount suppressor in under a week and charged me next to nothing for the service. It's a shame that's no longer the case.
  9. Is the subguns boards down

  10. Yesterday
  11. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale

    Email sent

    Bump to top. Nice guns need new home before Morphy auction !!!! SAVE $ Now!
  13. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale

    Updated list still available Tracy
  14. WTB M30 4.2 mortar components.

    I have a set of demilled shock absorbers for the m30 mortar if you are still looking. 404 665 6411
  15. WTS Ruger AC556-F

    Ruger AC-556-F $11,500 13" blued folder in excellent condition. safe, semi, 3 round bust, and auto. On Form 4 in KY. Message me for pics, videos, proof of life, etc. References available.
  16. What a f-ing retard. It would be fun though to watch Bathroom B.J.Booker try and watch the S.S to blow this worthless,light, bright and almost white root tooter away for an attempt on the President of the United States.
  17. WTS: One used MP5 SMG 9mm Magazine marked POF $25 shipped

    Still Available
  18. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    I made the expelling charges and the tube. The "rockets" are surplus. For the propellant, I used Goex Cannon grade and followed the original construction design. Sorry about MO's laws this the funnest thing I've done in years. Oh, and 60 mm mortar too!

    New pics
  20. Is the subguns boards down

    Thanks for the update, JSN! Def in withdrawal mode form the subguns forums.
  21. WTS: IMI UZI Model A with AWC MK 9 suppressor

    Thanks for the info and support. Steve @ J and J Firearms
  22. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale

    Which all ones are still available? Thanks.
  23. FS: NIB Q LLC “the Fix” in 308 and Sig Sauer Rattler In 300blk

    Price lowered on the rattler to $1800
  24. FS: Suppressors , SBR’s and AOW for-sale

    Still have many SBR’s and suppressors available , make me an offer
  25. MP5A3 Pre may dealer sample

  26. Is the subguns boards down

    I received an email from Frank this morning. The site is down due to a server upgrade where an unexpected glitch occurred. He stated they were working on it. He did not give an estimate on when it would be back up.
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