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  2. MAC-10 Powder Springs Parts Set

    Re-up Ad
  3. PGT, You Win the gun !!! DING DING DING--Please send 625.00 for postage and handling to ....... LOL
  4. You are correct- Thats what it gets you for posting half asleep. !!! Thanks
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  6. WTS Pre-May M78 VALMET SMG - price reduced

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  7. WTS: Springfield Factory M14E2/M1A LMG - price reduced

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  8. WTS: Springfield SAR-48 FALO LMG - price reduced

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  9. excellent condition with Rem. choke 21" fiber optic rifle sights red front/green rear $210 shipped
  10. That's not an M9A1, that's the 92A1
  11. Used in Very Good Condition Stoneycreek Armory 9mm Suomi Drum Upper Receiver for the M11/9 Sub-Machine Gun. Similar to the Lage MAX-31. Full Top Rail with HK Style Drum Rear Sight & Hooded Front Sight. WILL INCLUDE (1)ONE VG CONDITION 71rd SUOMI DRUM AS PICTURED. Plug-n-Play. - ALL NFA RULES APPLY $695.00 Plus $25.00 Shipping - No Credit Card Fees 954-960-2596 Check us out at:
  12. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    I've had a MM23e/21E for 10 years. Had some growing pains like broken extractor, buffer gone bad, or whatnot. Gun has had a bunch of rounds thru it . I shot it last weekend- 500 rnds. Shot great. I have several MM guns- 51, 11k, others and they are all very nice. Mike has always answered my calls and has serviced the gun without fail when needed. He does excellent work and his knowledge of German gunsmithing is extensive. Ill be at OFAST next month with the gun (line spot 43,44,45) which is sure to see a LOT of action- you are free to drop by and shoot it if you like.
  13. Excellent Condition LAGE MAX-11mk2 Slow Fire Upper Receiver for the SWD-M11/9mm Sub Machine Gun. Seems to have the Standard 690 RPM buffer, Full length Top Rail, Forward Side & Bottom Rails. Plug-n-play. ***ALL NFA RULES APPLY*** $659.00 Plus $25.00 Shipping - Credit Cards No Fee Florida Residents Subject to 7% Sales Tax - 954-960-2596 See more here:
  14. WTK - m60 adapter for M192 tripod

    im sure you have looked at BMG parts and discussed with Aaron of Or Crane <Technologies?> They can put you in the right direction. I recently
  15. (4) Four NEW IN WRAP FACTORY RUGER BX-25 Factory 25rd Magazines with Black Polymer Body and Steel Feed Lips for the 10/22, SR-22, 77/22 Rifles and the .22 Charger Pistol and Other Similar Firearms. $109.00 Shipped CONUS - Credit Cards No Fee Florida Residents Subject to 7% Sales Tax - 954-960-2596 See more here:
  16. NEW IN BOX KNIGHT ARMAMENT SR-15 Complete Upper Receiver with 14.5" Hammer Forged Chrome lined 1/7, 5.56mm NATO Barrel, E3 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group, Charging Handle, Free-Float URX4 MOD 2 M-LOK Rail & Rail Covers, Proprietary QDC Flash Hider, Front & Rear Flip-up Sights, Knight Heavy Buffer, Front Rail Attachment & Factory Manual. KAC Part #31949. $1,749.00 Plus $25 S&I No CC Fees Florida Residents Subject to 7% Sales Tax - 954-960-2596 See more here:
  17. I'm looking for a new or like new factory HK SR9 handguard. Thanks If you have one please email
  18. WTB Reising M60 Bolt

    Thanks for the info!
  19. GSL Technology Phoenix / MK9K $750 shipped

    I have 2 left
  20. WTB Reising M60 Bolt

    Indianapolis Ordnance makes new replacement bolts for the Model 50 Reising, I think they are the same as the Model 60.
  21. WTB Reising M60 Bolt

    ALMOST everything from the REISING 50/55 SUB GUNS will be the same for the model 60, except the selector/ fire/control parts and many of those can be altered to work in a pinch. I bought my first model 60 in 1965 and never been without at least 2 along with the 50/55 guns. EXCEPT for NUMERICH , I have never seen a single model 60 part offered for sale . that may help your search a bit.
  22. WTB Reising M60 Bolt

    Looking for a bolt for a Reising M60. Always interested in any other spare parts for the M60 you might have.
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