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  2. A few small questions on Sturmgewehr

    while I have retained little positive info on any of this series, I do have a lot of experience with it. in the early 80's J CURTISS had 50+ dewatts that included all but the earliest variations, with them laying side x side or in the pile, one noticed a MAJOR difference even same year same mfgr? The great unknown is what they endured AFTER the war. the Czechs used them a ton, SYRIA had quite a few you name it. several of the dewatts we had came from South America and one thing I took note of at the time was the lack of or amount of markings on the gun and parts. just not typical for anything they did except in the FINAL months of the war. many parts had NOTHING at all on them and other guns had every major part #rd and waff'd over all I would suspect most electro pencil. walther used them after 43 I know for sure though. several of my K-G 43's have electro pencil. some examples had #'s on the butt and metal some only the metal as I recall . they were in several locations on the wood, seemed random. the metal when stamped was on the left side in most case's. my ordeal was to determine what was original to the piece at first, then gave up because of the welded barrel it just didn't matter. head space etc was all redone. I had 2 runs of barrels made, 60 or so total for the project and still have 3or 4 laying around some place. we became discouraged very quickly , few would run more than 3 rnds or so, then I dug out some mint original guns and the same was true. found out it was ALL a magazine issue. with NO VISABLE DIFF they just would not work . had to try them and marry them.(used electro pencil) I have one 44 dated gun all original vet bring back, bolt and carrier, NOTHING. butt and metal matching and stamped with waff also, rec 3 waffs 2 left one right, lower # and waff left, brl waff only. nothing on gas parts at all any where. never took the lower apart, don't know about the internals , I have 19 original mags 8 work well 3 don't and I have not tried the others hope I helped a bit ? mike
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  4. Price lowered! Come on guys, these are hard to get and this one is cherry! Thanks!
  5. WTB: Front & Rear Mounting Bolt Assemblies for E-13 Gun Mount. These bolt assemblies are used for mounting a M-2 Browning Aircraft Model in the E-13 Mount. This mount is used for Mounting an M-2 Browning 50 BMG in the waist gun position on a B-17 Bomber. Parts must VG-New.. Respond to:
  6. WTB: WWII M-2 Browning Aircraft BBL Manufactured by Browne, Lipe Chapin Div of GM during WWII. BBL will be marked: D-35348-?-?-B. The D35348 is the drawing/part #. The question marks are possible revisions to the original design which may or may not be present. The capitol B is the manufactures marking. Note: It is possible that the manufactures marking may be elsewhere on the BBL as a stand-alone marking. Condition must be Excellent or better. Respond to:
  7. WTB:Transferable Minigun

    Looking to buy a transferable minigun because we all know there are a lot that are floating around for sale. Please PM me if you have one or know of one for sale.
  8. Smith Wesson 76 with AWC Suppressor $9500.00

    Where's the pics of the can?
  9. MIDWEST INDUSTRIES M-LOK HANDGUARDS FOR HK Maximize your weapons component flexibility with top quality, U.S. made HK M-LOK's from Midwest Industries. We are impressed with the quality, fit and finish of these HK M-Lok handguards. Midwest is known for making great products so I guess it should not be a surprise. But these are by far the cleanest and best looking M-Lok handgaurds for HK that we have seen...And we have seen them all! In stock and ready to ship: MI HK SP89 SP5K MP5K HANDGUARD, M-LOK $104.95 MI HK MP5 HK94 HANDGUARD, M-LOK $119.95 MI HK93 HK33 G3K HANDGUARD, M-LOK $164.95 MI HK91 G3 HANDGUARD, M-LOK $179.95 For the best value for your money, you still can't beat Aim Sports's line of HK Keymod and M-Lok handguards: HK93 G3K KEYMOD HANDGUARD NEW $79 G3 HK91 PTR91 KEYMOD HANDGUARD NEW $79 M-LOK RAIL PANEL, 5 SLOT $8.95 HK93 G3K M-LOK HANDGUARD NEW $79 G3 HK91 PTR91 M-LOK HANDGUARD NEW $79 HK93 G3K EXTENDED LENGTH M-LOK HANDGUARD NEW $126 G3 HK91 PTR91 EXTENDED LENGTH M-LOK HANDGUARD NEW $126 Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 facebook: Web: MI MP5K - SP5K - SP89 MI MP5 - HK94 MI HK33 - HK93 - G3K - PTR Carbine using 93 length handguards MI HK G3, HK91, PTR91 using standard G3 length handguards Check out Aim's newest extended length M-LOK handguards! Available in G3 or 33 lengths
  10. Smith Wesson 76 with AWC Suppressor $9500.00

    New price
  11. I have 2 NIB Molot Vepr FM-AK54-22's. Comes with everything from the factory including cleaning rod, cleaning/tool kit and 2 factory 5 round mags. These have never been fired or even cycled. 2 of only 200 imported. $1760 Shipped I am willing to trade for BRP XMG
  12. I have for sale a 1943 model 1895 Nagant revolver made at the Tula Arsenal. Comes as pictured with holster, cleaning rod, reversible screwdriver with handle and leather lanyard. Unissued. Unfired. Imported by R Guns. C&R OK. Will ship direct to C&R holders otherwise will ship to the FFL of your choice. Will do FTF in Kokomo, IN. $330.00 SHIPPED CONUS I accept credit cards, PayPal and Postal MO. Add 3.5% for credit cards and PayPal. No added fee for Postal MO or PayPal if funds are sent via send money to friends and family" aka "discreet paypal"
  13. WTS: M60 Feed Chute Mounting Plates - $45 - Pics

    One year BTT... Aaron- Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  14. WTS: No Demo Letter Post-May Dealer Samples

    AC-556 dropped to$1600.00. I'll cut into a parts kit if it doesn't sell now.
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  16. Peterson Cartridge company
  17. I just bought some Peterson match brass from Eurooptics in 4 different calibers. This brass is made right here in the USA. I checked the dimensions with a 4 place dial caliper and it's more concentric than the Lapua match brass I use, for substantially less $$$. Really nice looking product. Plus it's USA made! I'd recommend this new manufacturer to anyone looking for match brass. Great product. FWIW, R.L.
  18. WTS: Wholesale Lot of 48 Original Australian L1A1 (SLR) Blank Firing Adaptors - BFA. Before you email, yes, you get 48 BFAs for the sale price. It's a good idea to have a couple of extras in your parts stash, for when you need them. Like most surplus parts, when they dry up, they become had to find. Also, they make good trading stock. Sell some and gets yours for free. Condition: Paint is chipping, but overall Very Good. Price: $48.00 plus $12.50 shipping via priority mail medium flat rate box. California ship to addresses will be charged sales tax or must furnish a resale certificate. Supply is limited to stock on hand. Please note that the website has a live inventory. If you can add to cart and check out, it’s available. Prices subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical errors. The Dealer Warehouse email:
  19. SOLD German HK 23e Feedmech and Bolt Head

  20. The original WW2 German MG34 w/original pre-banned barrel, cut receiver and attached bi-pod. Manufactured between 1934-1945 showing original Nazi proof marks. See photos showing the numerous “waffen amp” stamps. This is your chance to own one of the rare originals. $1795.00 /Free shipping. ONE PER CUSTOMER PLEASE No shipments to Alaska or Hawaii. Sarge's will only ship to the 48 contiguous United States. Parts Kits: All parts kits are De-Milled to BATFE specs. Parts Kits do NOT include receiver. Parts Kits are intended for purposes of collection, repair, or replacement parts only. All kits are shipped without a receiver, or with a cut receiver. *All NFA Rules Apply*
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