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  2. WTB Unservicable Garand Barrels

    I had PM'd you about a month or so ago. I've finally got around to digging out what I have. There are seven barrels. I've attached a photo of what is there. You can reply to for a quicker response. Thanks! Doug
  3. Hello, I wondered if you still have this Mauser pistol and if so, do you have any pictures of it? Thank you, James
  4. WTS: Chinese SKS's, 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    Import marks on the 22?
  5. MICRO UZI adapter: Use your Full size or Mini UZI Suppressor!

    One is Sold, one is still available!
  6. WTS: L1A1/STG-58 Parts, $450

    I still have this available, if anyone is interested. David Albert
  8. The rear sight can be moved up and down the barrel on grooves much like a German Anshutz Target rifle.
  9. I have 13 Glock 17 “pre ban” also refered to as the “u notch” magazines for sale. These are 17 round magazines with one having a factory +2 on it. $50 each
  10. Complete WC rear sight for M2 .50 $275 e-mail only
  11. Smith Wesson Model 38-44 HD (Heavy Duty) manufactured in 1956. The gun is in great condition. 4” barrel with original grips and bluing. This one is what’s refered to as the “S” frame due to letter designation on the frame before the serial number Asking $1,050 obo
  12. Looking for a .30-06 Digger belt. Any help??
  13. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    Was too late seeing this or I’d have taken the 9mm lower
  15. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    I’ll take the 9mm lower
  16. Do you still have the items? Thanks.
  17. I will get some for you on Sat. I thought I had some but cannot find them.
  18. WTS: Chinese SKS's, 91/30 Russian, M6 Scout, etc.

    Do you have pictures of the bull barrel 22?
  19. Wtb mg34 parts kit

    I’m looking for a complete mg34 parts kit. Preferably non Israel marked kit let me know what you have thanks. Email
  20. WTS: Colt and LMT Lower Recievers

    Colt M4 Carbine complete lower receiver in new condition, never fired. Comes with the H buffer. $395 shipped. Colt AR-15 9mm stripped lower receiver in good condition. The prefix in the serial number is TA. *SOLD* Lewis Machine & Tool Defender 2000 complete lower receiver in excellent condition with the SOPMOD stock. $435 shipped. Prices are shipped to your ffl. I can take either a check or money order.
  21. If anyone has an old demo Ti-Rant 45S kicking around that they would like to part with, please let me know. I'm looking for one that is on a Form 3. Thanks, Mark 07 FFL / 02 SOT
  22. NEW, OLD STOCK, Osprey Defense, Model OPS-416 / OPS416 Piston Conversion kit for the AR15 or M16 with carbine-length gas system. These CARBINE kits are compatible with 11.5" to 16" barrels. This is the COMPLETE KIT in NEW condition. They are $200 each + shipping costs. CALL or TEXT me at 281-467-5424. Kit includes complete set of handguards, stripped bolt-carrier, piston op-rod system, small pins, etc., everything that comes from the factory. No factory box or manual is included. I also have SPARE BOLT CARRIERS ($100), SPARE "BLEM" BOLT CARRIERS (minor rust / pitting) ($75), FREE FLOAT CARBINE OP RODS ($50), STANDARD RIFLE LENGTH OP RODS ($50), and FREE FLOAT RIFLE LENGTH OP RODS ($50) available in limited quantities to buyers! Happy to combine shipping for the purchase of multiple kits. Standard shipping is $10 for 1-2 kits. I can ship UP TO 5 kits for $20. Please check with me for shipping cost for 6 or more kits. Payment via USPS money order or cashier's check. Ships via USPS priority to your front door, fully insured! Please contact me with any questions and thanks for looking!

    Sent you a PM.
  24. Thompson Movie Gun Package Deal

    Added more parts to the package. Here is a closeup of the shiny silver item.
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