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  2. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    Very cool! Did you manufacture the rockets? What kind of propellant?
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  5. Who made the receiver? Selling them together will bring less but sometimes in my case it’s worth it.
  6. Is the subguns boards down

    Been down since Saturday. I don't recall any notices but maybe I missed them? Maybe one of the mods will see this and chime in?
  7. haven't been able to view the subguns boards for awhile now. Is it me or something Frank has done.
  8. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    Man you are so lucky!!! I unforcantly live in Missouri and DD is the only thing I can’t have I’d love to have one of these! If you don’t mind how much did you pay for one ? In Missouri I can own anything I want just not DDs which suck I want a 20mm lahti gun a 75mm m20 recoilless rifle and a rpg honesty looking at getting my ffl just so I can own them. Man that rpg is badass I want one hahaha congrats man!!!!
  9. Managed to test fire my RPG-2 last Saturday. Very pleased with the results. First round was from a test stand and triggered with a long lanyard. Second round was shoulder fired and may still be circling the earth,lol. It disappeared over the top of some tall trees which were 300 yds away while still on a flat trajectory!. Amazing thing about it is I felt absolutely nothing except for smoke fore and aft. Truly recoiless! Rifle is on a Form1 and classed as a DD.
  10. WTT for M249S

    Looking to trade for NIB M249S or nice used. Have lots of different stuff for trade. I specialize in H&K's and builds. All types of guns for trade. Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines
  11. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Handguard and Bayonet Assembly

    Thank-you Ron. That looks like an interesting possibility. Here's the gun I'm working on: Robert
  12. Updated with current inventory in original ad....M4FUN paid and shipped, Rhouston8 order marked SPF, 67RAY order marked SPF
  13. Hi, I haven't been on here in years but recently decided to sell my M16. I had purchased a Shrike conversion several years ago but have not even fired it once. I lost my range for auto fire so don't get to shoot the M16 much anymore. Anyway I plan to list it but wasn't sure whether to list them together or in separate adds. I will sell them separately but don't really want to sell either till both are spoken for. So was thinking a common add would work better but then some might not see the Shrike on the NFA site. Any advice appreciated. Bill R.
  14. Selling off some no letter post samples in my inventory. These are all conversion built in house with most of the guns being test fired only. AR DIAS $1000 AR-15 Conversions complete guns with uppers $1000 Hungarian AKM or Underfolder on Morrissey receiver $2000 VZ61 built on new receiver with stock $2500 Uzi 9mm built on McKay Receiver (Blocking bar/barrel ring removed) wtih 3 lugged barrel $2000 Galil ARM or SAR built on Tortort Receiver $2500 Various HK Packs $900 SilencerCo Maxim DIAS $1000 10/22 with Registered Open Bolt $2000 Glock 22 with DIAS $2000 CZEVO with DIAS $3500 PS90 with DIAS $3000 Sten MK3 $1500 MCX $2000 DPM reweld $3500 Will trade for Pre-May or Transferable MG's Will do bulk pricing
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  16. definitely a con artist!
  17. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    You can buy it if it functions good
  18. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Handguard and Bayonet Assembly

    Robert, If you don’t have any luck finding and original, check these out. I bought one for my Ithaca as a placeholder. Very well done. Took a bit to get it per their ad, but I’m pleased. Ron
  19. Is there a difference betweem MAC 11 and m11a1?

  20. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Taken note!
  21. GEMTEC, need to know

    THANX GUYS, I am currently reaching out to GSL for what I need. as for GEMTEC ? ABSOLUTLY NO E-MAIL RESPONSE AND THEY DONT ANSWER THE PHONE. you get a recording " no one is available to answer your call". I have the machines to make all this, but my hands wont answer to my brain. so it must get done y others.
  22. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Great feed!
  23. Who likes this ? and who likes my post ? feel free to add me as friends too.
  24. ALL GREAT THOUGHTS AND HOW ANY REASONABLE MEMBER OF SOCIETY SHOULD REACT! back in the early 80's when my kids STARTED school. I picked them up a couple days and explained that most likely we would not be able to pick them up in case of a break down in society / riot or national emergency . they were to resist any attempt to put them in a group to be moved and I explained how and where to hide in safety to wait for dark and what route to a specific pickup place. I made a game of it and we practiced drills on a few weekends just like our shooting events etc. I have video's of my 9 year old daughter instructing a captain in the sheriffs dept how to hold and use a full auto UZI when they came to check out one of our bigger shoots in the desert. I WONT GIVE THEM UP is a great attitude , the only one as far as I am concerned. BUT my sole intent in responding to this thread was to make a point about preparation once you decide to take a stand. the statement does nothing! several important factors show their ugly head when its made. #1 in my opinion is prep. almost as important is WHEN do I take that stand. since NIXON, I have not called ONE national election right and I prey I am wrong this time, but I cant see how we are going to avoid getting a DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT most likely a WOMAN! if it happens that way the 2nd amendment will be worthless . when someone takes action to any change in the laws or IF by some chance they LOOSE the election, it will look like a scene from BLACKHAWK DOWN and the skinnys will be moving like army ants in the jungle. GADS there you did it again. 5 tons on my shoulder. in fact the past 20 years have been an attempt to teach the truth. MORE THAN MY SHARE! several bills for the ARIZONA HOUSE were written on my kitchen table while I was present with NEAL KNOX and SENATOR SAM STIEGER from PRESCOTT. all the while it has been a steady downhill run and sooner or later the end will come. all present now most likely will be memories and hopefully those surviving will have learned a lesson. WHEN WE ALLOW OTHERS RESIDING ELSEWHERE TO GOVERN HOW WE LIVE WE ARE DOOMED. I DONT SUPPORT A DEMOCRACY, NOR DO I BELIEVE DID OUR FOUNDING FATHERS. that's why they created a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! if you don't like the laws here, move to a place that fits your needs and surround yourself with folks that think like you do.
  25. Not only that Mike but I'd venture that, instead of seeing it as the crime that it is, career gun grabbers at the ATF (not all agents of course) probably consider it a feature that scammers are taking hard earned money from potential gun buyers and making all of us more wary of buying anything sight unseen. Anything that slows down the sales of firearms and especially those evil NFA items is a positive in their eyes.
  26. BL WHY? because DEEP down. NO AGENCY wants to fix the problem they were created to combat. fixed and no more work! cut it down and NO MORE PROMOTIONS because of new hires. ALL OF THEM ARE THE SAME! from local PD up for the same reason. one of my closest friends was an under cover DEA agent . without saying a word ,on the way to dinner one night, I took a route to show him where I had observed SEVERAL in the open crack sales. even one of the top suppliers was sitting in his ESCALADE giving bundles too the corner shits. he got so mad at me "getting in his business" dinner was canceled and we seldom spoke afterwards. just another reason to remain vigilant and protect yourself at all costs.
  27. Any M120 120mm mortar for sale?

    I have a VIETNAM WAR US ARMY M120 HEAVY MORTAR - below are Info I could find about the 120 mm M120 US Army Mortar. This US Army 120 millimeter mortar has a 5 foot long barrel and is designed to be a rapid-response weapon for the infantry. This mortar packed an incredible punch and required a five-man squad to wield it on the battlefield. With a gunner, assistant gunner; first and second ammunition bearer and the squad leader, they had to work in sequence in order to properly put this piece into action. With an incredible range of 7,000 yards, this mortar fired M57 high explosive charges with a burst radius of 75 meters. Deployed with mechanized and infantry units alike, it required a truck or tracked mortar carrier but was still lighter than field artillery – but packed an incredible punch. Whether tracked or towed, this powerhouse canon is still a major contributor to combat operations. Complete with its bipod stand, it appears ready for field duty today.. We can discuss price if interested,Thanks!
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