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  2. C&R German Maxim 08/15 runs amazing $8700

    Hi, is this MG 08/15 C&R rated? Sending you a PM. Todd in Oregon
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  4. Seaman: pictures on request as noted in post. To which prices are you referring?
  5. Sorry to post on wrong board. I tried to delete post on discussion board but it did not work.
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  7. Would you buy a rewelded receiver

    Hi Thumpy: Mike has some good info there, but First of all, Its Not a Reweld because it was never welded in the first place! It's a cut and welded receiver. Regarding the thompson, how many pieces was the receiver in before welding? how do the welds look? how was it refinished? I have a M1A1 cut/ welded by DLO that runs great, and a Bren MkII cut/welded by him that has fired many thousand rounds with no issues. Welding steel is not magic. Aluminum, alloys and cast iron is another matter. I would go for it if the price is right. BP
  8. All you need to do is get a couple of 3,4,or 5 inch add on keymod or mlock rails and put them on your gun. I too suffered your dilemma until I was looking through a box of spares and found the solution! Good Luck! BP
  10. "Last Price Reduction" $825 shipped
  11. HAHA! What's going on rhouston8 ? Hope you're well buddy! I emailed the OP last week and he's pretty sure he's out of stock (this was from 2016) but he's checking. I've got dibs on 2 because... two Sterlings and all... :-)
  12. Potential Scammer: samsportingoods

    I must ask, why these obvious repeat offenders are not pursued by our BATFE? Why must lawabiding Citizens have to give UP our 2nd Amendment Rights for criminals actions?
  13. Hello. how much for the fnc? how much for the B.A.R. And when will they be shown on Sturmgewehr? or will they be shown elsewhere? thanks,Rodney.
  14. YES! Hit the UziTalk board hard! Was trying to sell me a FA Mini Uzi bolt...sent me pics of a slotted Full size. Dave banned him ASAP.
  15. WTS: Reg. 1917A1 side plates; Reisings; 1928 Arg. kits

    For discussion purposes Only do you think it's a fair price, considering that there are no pictures with your email written on a separate piece of paper in the Picture! ?
  16. Mr. Naess-these are the discussion forums-I think you need to post in the Buy & Sell Marketplace board(s)
  17. Shoot. I’ll take one too if available. Mr Maim is a bad influence. Heck I’ll give you $10 more than whatever Mr Maim is offering !! < just kidding >. PM me if available. I would like one Thanks
  18. PM sent on bolt and rivet kit. Houston
  19. 2) 1928 COLT ARG. CONTRACT WC BMG kits; marked 7.65mm; optic mount; complete; not matching numbers; very good condition; excellent bores; excellent jackets; $1500 each/offers (2) 1917A1 DLO registered side plates; ready to build; $13k each/offers (1) Reising; .45; C+R; Numrich Military build on commercial numbered receiver; excellent wood; all correct military parts; 99% park; mag; tested $5200 each Further info and pics on request: MGs out on taxed F4s from NFA savvy owner; buyer pays tax, SH+I
  20. Five Eyes member NZ gets POKED in the eye!!

    I'm with you. Let's start teaching the young people the Truth.
  21. Five Eyes member NZ gets POKED in the eye!!

    To the first Question... YES I have., I believe in our Constitution as orginally written. To the next question both of my children are currently surviving in the Airforce and Army respectively. I would hope they would have my back and no Communist tank would dare try crushing a Citizen of The United States of America
  22. Updated with M4fun's order. All items updated again in primary ad and whats listed under quantity available is yet to be purchased/committed to.
  23. GEMTEC, need to know

    This has been my exact experience. In the beginning they had excellent customer service.
  24. GEMTEC, need to know

    Maybe contact GSL Technology-one of the former principals of Gemtech(Greg Latka) is the owner and he built a lot of those Gemtech cans so he can probably help you out.
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