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  2. Wow very cool to see these are finally on the market has anybody fired one of these yet ? I love the Tavor 5.56's I probably gotta have a few of these as well ! Not to act greedy but is OD or FDE in the pipeline by chance ?
  3. My stamp finally cleared for my PAWS ZX16A1 registered receiver M16 clone. Looking to purchase a quality lower parts kit to freshen the receiver. Will be running a Geiselle SSF trigger but want a new selector, sear and other small parts. I've heard the Colt M16 parts kits are the way to go but am not having any luck finding a set. Anyone have any leads on a kit or recommendation on a good alternative? Thanks, Chris
  4. Selling 2 MGs, both on Form 4s in VA. If transferring out of state I will cover the first stamp Excellent condition M16A1, Model 611 Heavy Barrel w/factory M60 Bipod - $27,995 Not the first owner but I have never fired this rifle, it has been a safe queen the entire time I've owned it. It does not show any signs of wear. Cannot confirm "never" fired. Bridgeport M1A1 Thompson, very good condition, original wood and finish. - $24,995 US Property Marked Savage "S" marked parts Non-matching upper/lower Includes: 3 - 30 round mags with pouch 5 - 20 round mags with pouch Brand new extra barrel I can provide any other pics and info!
  5. TAVOR TS12 12GA SEMI-AUTO 1499.
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  7. Thank you Veterans

    Thanks to all the men/Women of Valor, to all those who lost Limbs and their lives, to those who lost their brothers, fathers, uncles. Thank you.
  8. WTB Transferable Minigun

    Bump to the top
  9. Aftermarket stock for Ruer AC-556?

    I've got an ATI side folding stock set that's been modded for a Ruger AC 556. I have it on gunbroker for pretty cheap. It's a crudely done one. It was done by the previous owner of the gun I bought and came with the gun as an extra. I sold the gun and the original stock set and have this one left over. I test fired the gun with the ATI stock and it worked without any problems. Here's the stock set if you want to look at it Charles @Viking Arms
  10. information

    "The Website" says A-OK. You are normal and free to go .
  11. Thank you Veterans

    A heartfelt Thank You to all past, present, and future Veterans for their service to our Great Nation. In Liberty, Kristopher
  12. I want to say thank you to all the veterans on Veterans Day. " I'm glad your here." Regards, Alan RVN 69-70 1st Air Cav
  13. Mac-11/9 Mags and Parts /// $1200

    Cobray Mac-11/9mm Mags & Parts sold as a package - $1200 plus $45 shipping ONLY to states that allow Hi-caps. Everything like new or new. 4 - Metal 72 round drums 18 - 32 round zytel mags Mag loader Flash Suppressor Brass catcher Foregrip Strap Thanks, GM/WPB, FL (email FFL/SOT
  14. I have a gun I am trying to find the matching box If you have an early Glock 19 box with a label that has the serial # as AN5xx, please email me and we can see if the box matches my gun. Will absolutely pay stupid way above any sane reasonable price for this box if you happen to have the right one. Thank you, David
  15. WTS: Swede K parts kit

    I'll take it PM sent
  16. Uzi advice for buyer please!!

    ^^Waffen....ALL Vector/Group receivers were out of spec.- to varying degrees at the time. Most have been repaired or werent bad enough to cause function issues. It's rare to come across one these days that is jacked (although I do know one guy who's had absolute hell w his Group). I'd assume all the minis from Vector were out of spec too as they are cut down full size receivers if I recall. It was a heat treatment issue they had.
  17. Sig Sauer 516 Patrol Police Trades

    yes a few available
  18. Universal & Plainfield M2 Carbines

    Finally shot my semi auto M1 carbine at the shoot this past weekend. First time ever shooting a M1 carbine and man was I impressed. It felt like a 22 and just really amazed me. The noise of the action the feel and recoil just really made it a joy to shoot. I said that to say this. I was previously kinda on the fence with a M2 carbine and just poking around for information now I really want one. Just need to get the funds togeather and find the right deal. I like the idea of a registered trigger housing. Can thay be used on any M1? War production and new Inland/fulton armory guns?
  19. I need to check, but I’m pretty sure it’s double feed. Please email me instead of using the reply feature.
  20. Swede K parts kit. Nice shape, excellent bore. $665.00 shipped
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