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  2. WTS: Preban SIG 551-2

    Lots of inquiries asking about trades. Not really looking for anything at the moment unless by chance you have a new, or like new with low hours EOTECH L-3 Insight M2124-LR AN/PVS-24/A CNVD-LR Generation 3 with White Phosphorus display.
  3. Edit post

    How do I edit my for sale post?
  4. Up for sale is a Gen 2 trigger pack in excellent condition, PM for more info.
  5. WTS M10 45acp Powder Springs/ RPD

    Interested pm sent
  6. FREE HK

    I actually worked there on contract back in '85 for the Royal Hong Kong Police Department. RHKPD was very professional. The contract was through IBM World Trade.
  7. Hi, Is the the carbine 203 handquard an original or a aftermarket? Wasn't aware that there was one for the carbine
  8. WTB: Factory H&K G36K post dealer sample

    Must be in great to excellent condition and reasonably priced. Have law letter in hand. text (601.927.7723) me if you know of any available. thanks in advance. Jared
  9. Must be in great to excellent condition and reasonably priced. Have law letter in hand. Text (601.927.7723) me if you know of any available. Thanks in advance. Jared
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  11. WTS: FN 2007 5.56 4+1 800rds. linked $480 + shipping

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  12. What do I need to know about mk760

    MK 760. I have one here that I took from the original box that it came new in and hung it on the wall just above a S&W 76. After reading the above commentaries, I will have to field both to see what I get. I do not like Win or Rem hardware store 115 gr ammo (above video mentions 124 gr) . First sub gun I tried it in emptied the mag on its own. Bullets too light .?? Not enough powder.?? It works fine in a Beretta 38, but I suspect the Berettas bolt travels a bit farther. Got away from the subject a bit. We have weather today, but I am still inside the 6 weeks recovery time for a new knee and not moving as well as I hope to be soon. PJH
  13. WTB M24/29 Chatellerault Parts

    Any luck with the French supplier? FYI, I have listed my kit on GB. Listing # 875719229
  14. Summer sale price reduction down to $ 33 K delivered to your FFL/SOT
  15. I'll take these: (2) YHM QD mini muzzle devices - USED $40.00 shipped for both. Paypal sent, thanks.

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  17. FREE HK

    Gotcha .......
  18. I don't understand it?

    It happens in the NFA game too. Not making excuses as it pisses me off too, but as I get older instead of exploding with a rant ripping the perp,(which I did regularly here and on Snubguns when a deal went bad) I just relist it and NEVER do business with this person again. (In private of course I warn all of my current buyers abut this wanna b turd to prevent another failed deal) I think it makes them feel like they are a heavyweight in the hobby by pretending to be financially viable and "in the game", when all along they know they are not. I like to refer to this type of buyer as 5lbs of sxit in a 10 lb bag. FWIW, R.L.
  19. I will not know until Wednesday, 5 August. It is on hold for a regular customer. As soon as I know, I will post on the board and PM you directly.
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