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  2. 7 Used Army M249 200 Round SAW Ammo Boxes with 200 new M27 links inside each box. $20 each box plus shipping (2 boxes or more free shipping)
  3. Big price drop $6,400 priced to move.
  4. Now includes modern configuration as well as original configuration.
  5. WTS: Powder Springs M10 45

    Ingram M10/45 Powder Springs GA. Comes with a Lage retractable buttstock, paddle magazine release from Practical Solutions, that allows the SMG to take Grease gun magazines. Two Grease gun mags. It is currently set up for the modified M3 magazines. We purchased it with the two piece receiver pin. Practical Solutions has the solid ones. We have a FOIA request pending, buyer gets that when we get it. Manufacturer dates are listed in Frank’s The Mac Man. Notice that the ad has San Francisco CA on the bottom? Been at the shop all day and am currently in Reno. So please do not read into it. Been on the boards since 2004. Currently on a Form3 and we eFile. $6,750 Shipped.
  6. I am giving up my license and dumping the rest of my inventory. These have to go tonight or tomorrow morning as my license expires at the end of the month, trying to get this in as e-forms have been moving quick, should be able to turn it around prior to the end of the month. Only dealers, as there is no time for a form 4. I have 8 brand new Coastal Passport II .22 LR Suppressors up for sale and 1, 5.56 YHM Phantom QD. These are great suppressors, have sold a ton of them. I would put them up against a name brand high dollar suppressor any day of the week. This would make a great package for another dealer for store inventory. These retail for $299.00,& the YHM for around 500 I am selling all 9 for $1,100.00, so you would have plenty of profit margin.I file everything on E-Forms. (the gun showing one of the suppressor mounted does not come with this sale)I'll through shipping in for free, just need to move.
  7. Sorry I just want the MGs owed me. I am going out of my way not to trash him. I meant I do not believe he is doing this to harm me. Or that he is withholding the MG's from me on purpose I would like to see if anyone knows of the dealer where I can get the Machine Gun in my name at this time.
  8. Yesterday

    TTT, comes with new Raptor II suppressor
  10. Couple more sold. Updated the list with 12 new guns.
  11. One original mag include (matching camo). VG-E condition. $3450/shipped to lower 48 additional pics on request
  12. What do I need to know about mk760

    Both my cousin and I shot it right after it showed up at my SOT's place of business. This was in September of 2018, so it's been a while. Some things I noted: 1.) The trigger is pretty horrible. 2.) The sites are underwhelming. 3.) Suomi magazines are almost as awesome as Sterling magazines. 4.) I felt like the Omega Man. Say what you will, this gun looks cool. 5.) I like to tinker with things, so I won't mind if I have to do repairs or tweak on the gun. 6.) It's a machine gun. I can dream about a SW76 or I can have an MK760. I choose the latter. I think mine is going to be a pretty good shooter. It left the factory as a sub-machinegun (S prefix) and it has a very,very low serial number. If it had been a higher number C (Carbine) or P (Pistol) prefix gun, I might have walked away. The finish looks pretty rough - the previous owner either put some rounds through her or ran over the damn thing. Overall, I regret nothing. So far... -KH Edited to add: BWE Firearms is making parts for the MK760, so that played into my decision to purchase as well.
  13. HK UMP Pistol

  14. TPM MKE 43 300 BLK OUT SD SBR

    The barrel is not ported to bleed off gas. However it is exceptionally quiet with subsonic ammo.
  15. Up for sale we have a new HK USC that was fully converted to a UMP by Tom Bostic using a new factory HK UMP 9mm kit. Tom fused the rear section of the UMP with the USC receiver, widened the ejection port to current factory specs, added the stock hook, and remarked the receiver UMP. This is as close as it gets to the rarest of the factory UMPs. If you are a connoisseur that demands perfection this is the gun for your collection. We also have factory HK UMP conversions in stock. Barrels, Bolts, ect. So you can take advantage of the UMPs versatility. In minutes with minimal tools you can change this gun from 45acp to 40 S&W to 9mm and over to one of our favorites and ACME exclusives .357 Sig. We have everything in stock and ready to go. just let us know what calibers you are interested in or if there is something you want for your dream UMP. We can make it for you. The firearm is in stock on a form 3 in Nashville, TN. We accept Money Order, Check, or Credit Cards with an additional 3.5% charge. We offer a 24hour visual only inspection of the item to verify that it is as described. We ship FedEx ground, but we can upgrade the shipping if the item is needed sooner for an additional charge. ACME ORUZHIYE is top dealer for Transferable Machine Guns and Pre May Dealer Samples in the Nashville Area. If there is something that you are having trouble finding, reach out to us. If we don't have it in stock, we can find it for you! We also buy Transferable machine guns, single pieces all the way up to large collections. If you have any questions just email us at acme.oruzhiye(Remove This) $6000 shipped
  16. What do I need to know about mk760

    Let me know how you like it my friend I’ve been eye balling one for a while and since I’ve already bought a reising and a m10a1 I’m thinking it would be wise to grab one while they are still good deals to be found for them
  17. Reparation packages...

    Ik R.L this is getting completely retarded... my family is of Irish descent and little known fact there where just as many Irish brought over here as slaves as there where blacks... believe the number was around 250,000 and the only difference is when the Irish became free men what did they do? The Irish knew no one was going to help them so they looked out for one another they built there own community’s they became business owners, cops, judges and so on they became self reliant unlike the black community witch has done nothing besides look for a hand out this entire time and play this victim card. Not saying all people of color are this way. Another thing is blacks allways wana pretend that other blacks had no hand in the slave trade witch is completely bs there’s documents of black slave owners trew out the us that owned hundreds of slaves honestly if all these colored people hate America so much why don’t they just go back to Africa ? I can promise you those people in Africa won’t want them there either honestly this reparation payments is total bullshit you don’t see us Irish demanding for a hand out because over 150 years ago something happened total bs Ik I kind of ranted but this really does piss me off. If they get reparation payments so should the Irish and I don’t think we deserve or need them... and shoot don’t they all get welfare can’t we just count that as payment ? Because I count that as there payment bunch of lazy bums.
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