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  2. Thanks for the info. Very interesting about the history of Sterling and the HK connection. Any other info provided is much appreciated.
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  4. I'm sure it would work in any 7.62 x 25 platform, I personally used it in a subgun.
  5. WTS: 2 - 1600rd crates of 7.62 x 25 Bulgarian

    subgun only ?
  6. WTS: HK91 T&E Marked SOLD

    HK91 T&E is sold. Thanks,
  7. Is there a change in USPS policy on shipping NFA?

    >>>>>>>>>> I just sent an MG to Bob Naess via USPS Priority Mail and had no issues. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Just curious; if USPS happened to lose the package would they pay an insurance claim? Would ATF take away your license if you told them you lost a M.G. sending it Priority Mail? I guess I am odd for being so risk adverse, but I can't believe someone would send a M.G, Priority Mail. I don't even send cheap gun parts by USPS.
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  9. WTK What a Factory Glock 18 is worth

    Is it an 18 or an 18C?
  10. I sold one about two weeks ago, new condition without the rail studs, for $8K. Both the Post and Pre Sample Sterlings were of limited import compared to other foreign subguns of that era. HK did what they could to limit the Sterling's popularity in the U.S. by buying Sterling and putting them out of business.
  11. WTB: Breda 37 parts kit and accessories Bren MK1 Tripod

    Bump it up....still looking. KCR pickup possible
  12. Not to be a copy cat... Looking to buy a BRP XMG in either 308 or 8mm.
  14. StormWerkz threaded plug for .22 AR's, Sig556 pistols, SB brace adapters, etc. Lets you add the StormWerkz folding mechanisms to any receiver with 1-3/16-16 threads. NOT for standard AR-15's rifles. $28 For more information please go to AR Thread Receiver Block
  15. Colt M16, Rifle, Excellent

    Re-up Ad
  16. M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Excellent

    Re-up Ad
  17. German, WWII, MP40, C&R, 9mm MP40

    Re-up Ad
  18. Colt 6991 SBR 9mm

    bump. Best deal on this board.
  19. Mini Uzi Open Bolt Pre May Dealer Sample

    bump, open to offers
  20. HK45 Standard Barrel - HK 45 Full Size $279.95Thread Protector HK45, H45C, USP .45 & USPC .45 - Titanium $24.95HK45 Threaded Barrel - Threaded Barrel .578 X 28 - US $239.95Thread Protector HK45, H45C, USP .45 & USPC .45 - Steel 16 X 1 LH $19.95
  21. For Sale: PG-15V Training Rocket (RPG) Inert. Very good condition! This is not or will ever be an active live warhead. No paperwork needed to own! A must have cool collectors item. $200 + shipping contact Tripp Panther Creek Arms FFL/SOT 07/02 469-400-2804
  22. I was hoping someone on this forum could provide a rational valuation on Pre Sample factory Sterling MKV. The gun is in pristine condition and has the studs for mounting an optics base.
  23. Not your common West German Uzi slings! We have some hard to find, original Israeli Army Uzi slings in unissued condition. Two options available: ISRAELI ARMY UZI SLING, LATER STYLE $19.95 ISRAELI ARMY UZI SLING WITH SHOULDER PAD $29.95 Thanks for looking and Happy Shooting! RTG Parts 931 Frank St. Sheridan, WY 82801 Phone: 307-675-1191 Web: facebook:
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